Confessions of a Coffee Mug Addict

So this morning after I tweeted a picture of my new favorite coffee mug, Liz of Elizziebooks said she thought it was cool (thanks!) and that she needs more nerdy coffee mugs in her life. Obviously I agree with both sentiments.

Which got me thinking about all the other coffee mugs in my cabinet. Which got me thinking about my favorite coffee mugs. Which got me thinking I should share that with y'all because I haven't blogged in awhile and because coffee mugs are like bow ties and fezzes - they're cool.

Here are my top ten favorite coffee mugs right now! (subject to change because I am a crazy coffee mug lady) (I'm taking no time to edit or crop these photos because I am crazy lazy today so enjoy the counter and messy background thank you)

Left: The Red Filigree mug is GORGEOUS, right? And it's huge. No special story. Just a big, beautiful mug.
Middle: Like No (M)other mug is from Caribou Coffee (which is like Starbucks of the Midwest). I have a million Caribou mugs of different varieties, but I adore the size of this massive mug as well as the red & teal combo. It's one of my favorite color combos evah.
Right: That Owl mug was a gift from my husband. It's adorable. It's actually pretty amazing considering he's trying to curb my coffee mug hoarding so whenever I get one from him, it is most treasured indeed.

Left: Another owl mug! This one is from my darling sister-in-law for Christmas last year. I just love that mossy green handle and all those cute owl mugs on my mug.
Middle: Tetris mug! Courtesy of Think Geek. I bought this for my husband but I end up using it a ton because it's a great size, weight, and is classic nerdy chic.
Right: Oh, Dear! mug is from my Broke & Bookish Secret Santa two years ago! I mean seriously, the mug has a spoon, y'all. I used this like 2 days ago with my hot chocolate because I dunno about you, but my cocoa separates instantly and all the good stuff sinks to the bottom of the cup. Not with this mug! I can stir it up to keep it at maximum deliciousness. And I do just that.

Left: STAR WARS MUG. Also from Think Geek, I'm sure. It's a classic, man. 
Middle: Dumbledore Stein. So here's the deal with this one - my mom & brother went to HP World like 3 years ago and she's had the mug and just forgotten to give it to me for that long. When we went to TX this past May, I finally got to hold that handsome wizard in my tiny little hands. It's massive. It barely fits in my cupboard. I LOVE IT. 
Right: Obviously I have the Dr. Who Tardis mug. OBVIOUSLY. From Think Geek of course. Not pictured is the little top that goes with it because ain't nobody got time for that, despite it being super cute.
My number one favorite mug right now is this little glass Batman Forever mug! And I'll tell you why.

So you know how I went to Chicago with a gaggle of teenagers for a week? Well, me and a couple of the teens helped sort a gajillion items for a clothes closet. Among the sorting, we found this mug. I FLIPPED MY LID because (1) IT IS BATMAN and (2) BATMAN FOREVER IS THE BEST and (3) this was totally a collectible mug from McDonald's and so it is not made anywhere!

So I flipped my lid. And then I gave it to them to shelf. And both of the teens I was serving with were like "Lisa no seriously, you need this." And that was really all the motivation I needed! I left a donation and took this home with me and it was the best decision ever because not only do I get to have coffee with The Dark Knight on a regular basis, but I get to remember what a great trip I had in Chicago with those dudes. Right? SO GOOD.

Okay so maybe you'll notice that my collection is definitely missing some literary inspiration. 
WHO AM I that I don't have bookish mugs? 
Allow me to share a few bookish (and other fun) mugs I've got on my Etsy wish list...

Happiness Mug - Jane Austen
Jane Austen, OBVS.

Harry Potter Inspired Coffee Mug. Ron Weasley Naughty.
Whatever I totally count this as a bookish mug.
And yeah Ron, I would. 

Banned Book Mug
The Banned Books Mug! 

You Go Glen Coco. coffee mug
Mean Girls FOREVER, amirite?

Coffee Time! - Adventure Time Mug - Hand painted coffee mug
I love Finn & Jake something fierce, y'all.

I Love Jake Ryan Coffee Mug/Tea mug/Teapot/Sixteen Candles

Monogrammed Coffee Mug- Initial and Name- Bridesmaid Gift, Wedding, Birthday Custom, Personalized
Aren't these ADORABLE?

Like a Boss Coffee Mug  - 11 or 15 oz. Coffee Mug - funny mug - gift for friend - Tickled Teal

Okay, I'm done with my confessions - but you're not!
Tell me about your favorite coffee mug! Share a picture with me on the Twitter! 
OR you could link it to me in the comments.

OR OR OR if you have other coffee mugs you think I should have on my radar, please let me know that too!
The collection. No two matching mugs to be found!
"Life's too short for matching mugs, you guys." - me

The Legend of Korra Recap | Chapters 6 & 7

YOU GUYS. One of my favorite shows of all time is back for a hot new season and the lovely Amy and I are recapping the episodes! Weeeeee!

If you haven't watched The Legend of Korra, you need to do that immediately. GO NOW TO THE INTERNET AND FIND IT. 
If you need to catch up on the episode recaps of this season, please peep these two guys.

So now that you're all caught up on the what's what, let's recap the latest chapters, shall we? Okay!

We return to metal bender island aka Xaofu where Korra is still kinda training Opal, but mostly the drama between Lin and her sister Su is at maximum levels. I mean, Lin is kind of crotchety, and we kind of love that about her, but girl has some serious momma issues to deal with. Lucky for us, she finally airs it out in this episode! We find out through some metal bending acupuncture (which might be the coolest thing of all time) that Su and Lin were kinda of the opposites of each other - Lin was the dutiful daughter who tried to be everything her mom (Toph!) wanted her to be, while Su rebelled and was basically throwing all her cares in the air. Anyway, it all comes to a head when Su reminds us all - AGAIN - that Lin is a loner and it's no wonder that Tenzin broke it off with her. BURNNNNNN. Commence intense earth bending and sibling rivalry! 

Toph flashback! (she is disappoint) Source:
In the meantime, Korra starts learning how to metal bend thanks to Su. Bolin is crazy nervous that he won't be able to do it and is absolutely adorable and heartbreaking with his anxiety and tentative watching of Korra learning. In short, Bolin continues to be the best forever amen. He once again drops the best line of the episode when he gets busted peeping Korra training when he says "Just thinking about my body...and...mustaches I might have in the future." WHAT A BRO, Y'ALL. OH and also he and Opal kind of have this thing brewing and it makes me so very happy. Bopal? Bolopal? Whatever, it's the best.

Finally, Opal decides to go to the air temple to train because she is all empowered by her Aunt Lin and just needs to live her own life, you know? GET IT, GIRL. Old wounds are healed. People are moving on. Women are empowered to live the life they want. Much fistpumping! OH and Varek is still around making weird crap. I continue to not trust him. 

Also, the 4 big baddies are still on the search for Korra and somehow Zahir knows that she's hiding out at metal bender village so that's not going to go well. Not well at all, I'm afraid. 

see you in my nightmares, bro. source:

Since we were blessed with another double episode this week (wooooo!), that means a double recap. Holla! Let's do the damn thing.

We check in on Tenzin and the airbenders at the Northern Air Temple. Things are going not so great as they aren't quite as interested in the detailed history and discipline it takes to become an airbender. It kind of reminds of being a camp counselor, actually. All the questions about when will they eat, where's so and so, what are they doing next, why are we doing this (repeat for infinity). Tenzin struggles trying to teach this crop, and Korra has a great idea to incorporate the natural leader in his brother Bumi. It also doesn't go well because Tenzin cranks it up to 11 and drives everybody 
slow your roll, dude. source:
Meanwhile, Kai and Jinora kinda have their own little romance blossoming in the most adorable of middle grade ways. He tells her that she's a great teacher and definitely deserves to have her airbender tattoos. She blushes and acts like it's nbd. He takes her to see baby air bison and my heart explodes into a million pieces because BABY AIR BISON, Y'ALL.

Basically he empowers Jinorah to be like LISTEN DAD I'M GROWN. So more empowerment! Wee! Some baby air bison poachers come and snatch them up, taking Jinorah and Kai with them. It's terrible. And what makes it worse is that they work for the Earth Kingdom Queen! SHE IS THE WORST. I welled up. I MEAN LOOK AT THOSE PRECIOUS BABIES. Anyway, Bumi finally rallies the air benders and they have a grand rescue of Jinorah and Kai and the baby air bison! It's proven that they really are learning things, Tenzin is a decent teacher, Bumi is a great leader and Jinorah is the bad ass we all know she is what with her connection to the spirit realm. Tenzin vows to take her desire for airbender tattoos under advisement, which those of us with parents knows means "No" but she seems to be happy with that so we'll roll with it. 

I love that we learn more about Tenzin and Bumi's relationship and how Bumi never really felt like a part of the family until now. This show does an amazing job branching the original The Last Airbender series to this series, while maintaining the integrity of both shows. The family dynamics run thick and the relationships are layered and complex and just SO GOOD. 

Bros being bros. <3 source:

And just for fun. MORE AIR BISON BEBES. 

MY BOOS! source:
Now that the relationships seem to be back in balance, I predict we'll see more of the 4 big baddies. Hopefully more of Fire Lord Zuko (and his grandson Ihro) and his dragon riding badassery as well. Because dragons.  To Friday!

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