Labor of love - COMPLETE

You guys, I went through my entire backlog of posts (all 869 of them) and updated the labels for easier searching.

Initially I was thinking I'd update the formatting on all of the old posts to match the current look, but that would have taken me 4 years and I'd have changed the formatting again halfway through that, so I opted not to.

SO if you're looking through old posts and notice it doesn't look quite the same as the ones these days, don't be alarmed. It's still me. Just me 5+ years ago (holy cannoli I've been blogging a long time) and there's a certain nostalgia in that I'm embracing, I guess!

If you're interested in peeping around the different labels, you can do that on my sidebar or on the Features page.

Happy browsing!

Pinspiration: Washi Tape Birthday Card

I had a little bit of time the other night and realized I was desperately low on birthday cards, so I decided to look at my Pinterest board to find some inspiration! I realized a long time ago that the things I make will never, ever turn out like the pins they come from, but I've only recently accepted that is not necessarily a bad thing! 

So come, see the pin that inspired me and the final result for a ridiculously easy birthday card! 

Card Sketch Challenge 546

You know what I love about Card Sketch Challenges? Well, obviously everything, but mostly that they provide me a template to use so I don't have to come up with an idea from scratch and can just operate within guidelines and parameters because my brain is absolutely structured for structure. 

This week's Sketch Challenge on Split Coast Stampers featured this design: 

Read on to see my interpretation of the sketch! 

New crafty goodies!

So we went on vacation to Texas (HELLO HEAT) and then when we came back, I was launched right into Vacation Bible School (HELLO CHILDREN) and even though that was a week ago, I feel like I'm still mentally and physically recovering from that whirlwind (HELLO PREGNANCY).

While I'm very happy to spend time out of doors doing fun things with people I love, I do miss crafting and being inside and getting creative, you know? Thankfully (or maybe, ominously), I've been steadily stocking up on crafting supplies in the meantime. Mwahaha!

Allow me to share a few highlights to my personal craft supplies! 

Media Binge: Jurassic World

YOU GUYS. I finally saw Jurassic World. 
And guess what?

But I mean let's be real - when we saw this was coming, we all knew it would be amazing, amirite?

More thoughts after the break! 

Wear it Wednesday: Book Cuff

Metal cuffs are in right now, and while I feel like my arms aren't long enough to pull off the look, I might be willing to risk it to sport Jane Eyre and friends on my arm!