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Review: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

in a sentence: A 15 year old is faced with starvation and desperation while discovering true love and family all at the same time.

Daisy is a teenage girl with an evil stepmother, a nonchalant father, and an eating disorder. After she is shipped off to live with her never before seen cousins in England, her journey begins. She (and the reader) encounter mystically intriguing characters with a lifestyle completely unlike her own. Much to her own surprise, she fits right in with them, and falls in love with them all in their own way. The peaceful country landscape creates a serene start for this story, before everything changes thanks to war.

The journey we as the reader experience through Daisy is incredible, to say the least. She falls in love with her cousin, learns how to be a farm girl, and begins to learn about the mother who died in birth - all before the "real" story begins. The vivid emotions and experiences described by Daisy are scary, sad, exhausting, and completely enthralling. A young adult reader would be drawn in by her writing, her view of others, and her private thoughts that are all so authentic. The author doesn't shy away from gruesome details of war or the struggle that they face every day. The raw emotions are always present in the novel, which I think really sets it apart. While the emotions present are what really make the story consistently raw and real, there are elements of the journey we can't understand. It is this lack of understanding experienced both by Daisy and the reader, combined with the raw unusual language and punctuation and the wide array of emotions, that make the novel something haunting and amazing.

Title: how i live now
Author: Meg Rosoff
Genre: Coming of Age, Edgy, Lisa's Faves
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Amazon | Goodreads

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