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Review: Beware, Princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer

in a sentence: Princess Elizabeth, the beautiful bastard child of Henry VIII, struggles through her sister Mary's persecution and her romantic trials through - and eventual abandonment - of marriage. All of this while she is waiting to become Queen of England.

The historical fiction novel is told from the point of view of Elizabeth herself, which creates a memoir sort of feel for the reader. Elizabeth faces some tough stuff, such as having to fake giving up her faith, watching her brother suffer and die on the throne, and then finally face a seemingly never ending persecution from her older sister (whom she already dislikes a great deal, and vice versa) through forcing marriage proposals and moving her around the countryside to live in dank and dungey castles. Not exactly a sisterly love to be desired.

The book is very readable, as if you are looking into her personal diary. She is presented in such a real (and young adult) way that it's almost impossible not to feel sorry for her and secretly hate Mary along with Elizabeth's burning passion. The writing quality is solid, and the characters are well developed and relatable. While history may seem boring to some (okay most) young adults, the author presents this in a way that makes it both interesting, informative, and enjoyable. While there were some parts of the novel that seemed redunant, like Elizabeth moving from place to place, Mary's several unsuccesful pregnancies, etc. - the diary-like flow kept you wanting more. That and Elizabeth's wit and insight as well make this novel one that is worth reading and recommending to adults and young adults alike.

Title: Beware, Princess Elizabeth
Author: Carolyn Meyer
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Gulliver Books
Amazon | Goodreads

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