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Review: Inexcusable by Chris Lynch

in a sentence: Keir is a good guy...right?

The novel opens with the haunting first line "The way it looks is not the way it is" - whoa! Keir is a graduating high school senior with a best-friend/dad, and two sisters. He drinks way too much, is liked by everyone, and is a self proclaimed good guy. Between Keir narrating his final year of school and giving a brief bio on his life for our sake, he fills the reader in with his current situation - which is shady at best. Without revealing too much of the plot, he is alone, with the girl he loves, defending his good guy status. Again, WHOA!

This book is spooky, creepy, and intriguing all over the place. The best part about it is the reader hardly realizes how creepy and what a thriller the novel actually is until the ending. The author's choice of telling the story from Keir's first person perspective is amazing, and really shapes the book. All of the character development, insight, emotions, and appeal are completely based on the reader's interpretation of the events and the story. I wouldn't say it's a nail biter, it's much too subtle for that...but it is a page turner all the way.

According to the VOYA standards of review (Q=quality and P=popularity), I give this a Q=4.5 and a P=4.5 . I don't know if they do ".5" or not, but I do! There were some occasional lapses in the literary quality I felt like which were centered around dialogue, but very few. And while I feel this book can (and should) be read and enjoyed by all young adults, I am weary saying that any single book is appealing to every young adult reader...although in this instance I am very tempted.

Title: Inexcusable
Author: Chris Lynch
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Amazon | Goodreads

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