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Review: Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

in a sentence: an emotional story of friendship, abandonment, and hope between a dog and his robot.

a dog buys and builds a robot. the dog and this robot have many adventures together and do things like watch movies, hangout at the library, and go to the beach. when robot goes INTO the water, their relationship changes.

i am amazed at how moving this graphic novel could be. the illustrations are not only fun to look at and take in, but also there are little details that give away the depth of friendship and hope. really this is a statement on the fragility of friendship, and is done in a very meaningful and catching way. it took about 10 minutes for me to go from cover to cover, but as soon as i was done, i started over at the beginning. the emotions are palpable, despite the lack of words...perhaps because of the lack of words.

i would recommend this to anyone - of any age, gender, you name it - as a quick, yet moving read. laughter meets frustration, meets sorrow, meets hope = real life friendships. i have a hard time using the VOYA standards here...but here goes: 5Q 4P . i can't imagine this being better done, but the whole "graphic novel" was something that i had to overcome - and am SO glad i did!

favorite scene:

fix er' up: nothing. not at all - this was perfect.

Title: Robot Dreams
Author: Sara Varon
Genre: Friendship, Graphic Novel, Lisa's Faves

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  1. i too dream of robots. i pray that robots dream of me....

  2. i cannot express how happy this makes me. robots + dogs + illustrations = amazing. i'll definitely make a serious effort to get my hands on a copy of this when i get back to the u.s.


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