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Review: The Arrival by Shaun Tan

in a sentence: a story of a man's journey to the unknown place, people, food, language, and total confusion for the sake of his family.

much to my surprise, my second graphic novel ever (the first was "Robot Dreams") was just as pleasing as the first. the images are incredibly creative, yet familiar at the same time. i loved how Shaun Tan used sepia-tones with the images, to create a nostalgic feel.

while there are some obvious allusions to early-modern immigration, the fantasy aspects are still thriving and alive. the emotions are tangible and clear.

favorite quote: not a quote exactly, but how the cycle begins again at the end of the novel - 'pay it forward' kind of deal.

fix er up: i was a little confused at parts of the story, but i assume that was a literary device to illustrate the confusion of being foreign in a new place.

Title: The Arrival
Author: Shaun Tan
Genre: Graphic Novel

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