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Review: The Luxe (The Luxe Series #1) by Anna Godbersen

in a sentence: pretty girls, sexy boys, juicy secrets, fancy dresses, breathtaking ballrooms...all in a typical day for the Holland sisters in 1899 New York.

i have to admit - i had a hard time getting into this. everything i heard about the book was outstanding, and of course being a historical fiction nerdo, this should have been right up my alley.

i think it took me awhile to get into because it all seemed so cliche in the beginning...high society girl loves low society boy, bitchy best friend, etc. however, somewhere around the middle i got SO sucked in that i finished the last 250 pages in 2 days. again - not sure if it just took longer for me to connect with the characters, if i was apprehensive about the seemingly cliche plot...who knows. but i ended up LOVING IT.

elizabeth holland is the unwilling victim of her best friend and chief social rival, penelope hayes, nasty dirty tricks. juicy! there is quite the love triangle...hexagon?...going on in the luxe. between lovely Lizzie, the fun and free spirited sister Diana, Will the stable boy, Henry the local ladies man, Penelope the bitchy best friend, and Lina the personal assistant of Lizzie - the drama runs thick and deliciously intriguing. the alternating narration helps to present all sides of the story, so that we (as the reader) get in on all the juicy inside information before the other characters. kinda makes you want to get all dressed up in a custom made gown and share secrets! elizabeth holland is ultimately put into a romantic situation she hates, and finds herself with very few options on how to get out of it. elizabeth is saddled with the financial responsibility of her family, and NEEDS a way out...

the characters really developed near the end. it wasn't as predictable as i had originally thought, and so i found myself pleasantly surprised with the turn of events. i figured a lot of what we learn, or didn't learn, will play into the next 'luxe' novel. i loved the rich characterization of the gowns, shoes, coaches, and all the other girly stuff. it really added to the 'luxe' appeal.

fave: the quotes from the "Gamesome Gallant" column that proceeded some of the chapters. you get just enough of a peek into the chapter to keep you obsessively reading!

fix er up: i just keep coming back to the fact that i had such a hard time getting into it...

Title: The Luxe (The Luxe Series #1)
Author: Anna Godbersen
Genre: Chick Lit, Historical Fiction

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