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Review: The Messenger by Lois Lowry

in a sentence: matty, a teenage boy and the blind man known as the seer, are painfully aware of changing times in village, and it will take matty's gift to save the fate of everyone.

in true Lois Lowry fashion a la 'the giver', this novel was rich with incredible characters and dialog. i listened to it in the car, so i can't comment on whether it was a fast read - but i would assume that it is. matty's thoughts are a great insight into the society that Lowry has created, and his interactions remind the reader of 'the giver's' main character too. the character development is deliberate and detailed without being overwhelming. immediately i plunged into village, and was becoming familiar with the histories, roles, and changes within it.

while it makes a nice companion to 'the giver' and 'gathering blue', 'the messenger' is a solid stand alone read. there are references to the other books, but they are eventually explained as necessary. the idea of village was interesting, and the whole 'trade' thing in the story is mysterious, creepy, and scary all over the place - i was super intrigued and pleasantly creeped out at the same time. this was an incredible book, and well worth the emotional investment.

favorite quote: (since i listened to it, i can't look it up) pretty much every interaction between Leader and matty was incredible.

fix er up: the ending was quasi-predictable, though i dont think that hurt the novel that much. i was also frustrated with the return journey through the forest - too drawn out for my liking.

Title: The Messenger
Author: Lois Lowry
Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy

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