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Review: The BFG by Roald Dahl

in a sentence: sophie, a little girl on the top floor of an icky orphanage, is awake during the witching hour and knows something is up...and then she meets a big, friendly, giant! let the adventure begin!

oh man, i absolutely love this book. it just makes me feel like snuggling up under a blanket and cozying with a teddy bear. sophie is scooped up by the BFG (big friendly giant) while he is doing some very suspicious things - blowing some liquid into people ears? after being gently carried to the land of the giants, things really start to get interesting. sophie realizes that not all giants are quite so nice as the BFG, in fact, they are downright awful. sophie is ultimately appalled when she learns that giants eat...CHILDREN!

the BFG and Sophie are on a mission to save any other children from getting gobbled by the giants. the BFG and his interactions with the other giants are absolutely heartbreaking - but a glimmer of hope in that he never lets them get him down, despite their nasty ways.

this book is bursting with creativity, love, frustration, exploration, mystery, friendship, laughter, and many other heartwarming aspects. you can read it at 5 to 95 and love it just the same, and want to read it over and over again!

faves: how the giants talk - Roald Dahl is certainly one creative man. also, the illustrations were perfect for the book - a little odd but still make you smile. finally, the ending was AMAZING (what ultimately happens to Sophie and BFG).

fix er up: i want to say i wish it were longer, but really that's only because i loved it SO MUCH i want to read it again and again.

Title: The BFG
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Classic, Friendship, Lisa's Faves, Adventure, Fantasy Genre