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Review: Twilight (Twilight Saga, Book One) by Stephenie Meyer

in a sentence or two: Bella (adorably accident prone) meets Edward (amazingly hot vampire) and they fall in love. turns out, human/vampire relationships are mighty complicated.

i should start by saying that i tried to read this book about 6 months ago and could not get past the first chapter. i have no idea why, because this time around i PLOWED THROUGH this 500 page beast in about 5 days. not just any 5 days, but 5 weekdays where i worked / had studying to do on top of it. as you may have gathered from that obsessive and slightly embarrassing confession that this is one absorbing book.

Bella decides to leave phoenix where her mom and new boyfriend live for Forks, WA her junior year of high school. also known as waving farewell to the permanent sun for the permanent rain and gray weather. it's not all that bad in Forks though. she moves in with her dad, Charlie, and begins to adjust pretty easily to the local high school. she's the new token hottie around town and has no idea. this of course makes her even more adorably irresistible to the boys. it's that first day of high school during lunch when she first sees the amazing majesty that is Edward Cullen. Edward is essentially perfection wrapped up in a very mysterious package.

The development of Bella and Edward's relationship is what drove this book for me. somehow, Stephanie Meyer is able to take the idea of "vampire teenage romance" and make you forget how corny it is. my heart was skipping beats as they have their first kiss, their first expression of their emotions, etc etc etc gush gush gush. there is more to this than just a teeny romance, thanks to the vampirical element. the mystery and intrigue is enough to balance the gushing with some suspense. her exploring and explaining of vampires, how they manage to survive in society, how they feel about themselves, and how they deal with life in genral is very interesting...if different than a bulk of vampiric lore out there.

i liked how the author portrayed both Bella's family and her experience at Forks high school. despite the fact that Bella's parents are not together, she's still an emotionally stable and all around good kid. Meyer respects the idea that not all families are perfect, but that non-traditional family situations can be workable too.  the awkwardness of the entire new school, but ultimately the acceptance she found was very refreshing too. again, the author's idea that just because you're the new kid doesn't mean you're going to be the loser for the rest of your high school career is a respectful challenge to what i was expecting to happen to Bella.

one of my favorite elements of the relationship between Edward and Bella is that Edward can read minds, but not hers. so he discovers what he knows about her by listening to other people at first, and then 'casually eavesdrops' her conversations with her friends to gauge her responses. the best part is that he tells her, so she's able to give what responses she wants so he can guess what she is thinking...oh the head games of teenage love!

this book is really, really, really absorbing (not necessarily quality, mind you). i think that the audience is intended to be a teenage female, though certain boys i know have read this and enjoyed it. i would worry that all the romance would turn them off to it, but perhaps the suspense and mystery of the story is enough to hold their interest past the gushfests. the writing style is casual enough to engage the reader with the characters very easily and you bond with them right away. any book that can push people to finish it the way twilight does has got to be something amazing.

fave quote: (the first time that Edward and Bella are really alone) "I don't know how long we sat without moving. It could have been hours. Eventually the throb of my pulse quickened, but he didn't move or speak again as he held me. I knew at any moment that it could be too much, and my life could end - so quickly that I might not even notice. And I couldn't make myself be afraid. I couldn't think of anything, except that he was touching me." (Bella - 276)

title: Twilight (book 1 in the Twilight Saga)
author: Stephanie Meyer

genre: Vampire, Mystery, Romance

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