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Review: Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga, Book Four) by Stephenie Meyer

in a sentence: the saga of Bella and Edward draws to a close, despite the complicated logistics of vampire life.
(note: since this is the last book of the series, there are spoilers galore.)

this book is definitely the most "romantic" of the series. and by romantic, i mean steamy as all get out.  bella and edward's love is totally infallible, pure, whole, etc etc etc. Breaking Dawn picks up the day before Edward and Bella's wedding, which is of course the most romantic and perfect thing ever. Bella is adorably awkward (per usual), Edward is breathtakingly gentlemanly and irresistible (per usual), and they tie the knot at the ripe age of 17 and 18 in the company of their friends and family. while on their honeymoon at Isle Esme (apparently the Cullen family can afford to buy islands, but when you can predict the stock market and live forever, money racks up i suppose) - which is just as romantic as you suppose it is - they discover that vampires and humans CAN get pregnant together and have babies.

part of me dreaded that everything would work out perfectly, and the book was just the wrapping up of the journey through the lives of Bella and Edward. i knew that despite the anxiety around the baby, it'd be fine. i knew that despite the worry about Bella becoming a vampire, she'd be fine. i even knew that despite the fear that the vampire/human hybrid baby would be an issue for the volturi (the vampire government), everything would be fine. however, i couldn't help the guilty pleasure enjoyment over reading about the Cullen family, how Bella breaks the news to Charlie that she is a mom / vampire, that werewolves - excuse me - shape-shifters, can coexist for a common purpose, and i still enjoyed reading about the relationship between Edward and Bella.

i was disappointed that more suspense, mystery, intrigue, SOMETHING, didn't take a more prominent role than a storybook romance in the 756 pages. part of me realizes that as an author, Meyer has a gift for creating suspense and a difficult time delivering it. which was the case for Breaking Dawn. Meyer also has a gift for creating characters that readers care about and want to see happy in the end, and delivers.

all in all, i enjoyed my time spent reading the series, and will most certainly do so again. i will try and look for clues and foreshadowing throughout the series, though doubt i'll find anything. more likely, i will shamelessly gush over the epic romance and love every minute of it. the series definitely fades off in creativity and innovation towards the end, but like i said, at that point you already care and are invested in the characters and the story that it doesn't matter as much as it should.

the Twilight Saga was quite a journey, and i had an absolute blast. read it, you'll like it. (just don't over think it or expect too much)

fave quote: "And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever" (Bella 754).

fix er up: i was irritated that i was able to accurately predict things. i like to be surprised, to be on the right track but not spot on, or to be totally wrong. i had to suck it up and just enjoy what happened.

title: Breaking Dawn (Book 4, Twilight Saga)
author: Stephanie Meyer
genre: Vampire, Romance, Mystery

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  1. I love how addicted you are. I'm pretty sure last time we talked you were only on the first book, and already you've finished the fourth in the series. Just how many "sick" days have you taken in the past two weeks Ms. Lisa Schensted?


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