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Review: Eclipse (Twilight Saga, Book Three) by Stephenie Meyer

(note - since this is the 3rd book in the twilight saga, there are spoilers for the first book in the series, twilight, and the second book in the series, new moon)

in a sentence or two: a group of vicious vampires is on the move towards Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang in Forks. good thing there's a growing group of werewolves in the area...but can the vamp and the wolvies make the teamwork happen? 

i'll just put this out there - not my favorite book in the series. oh of course i (shamefully) loved the Edward + Bella romance back on track, and i enjoyed learning more about the history of the werewolves and all that stuff...but it just felt like it lacked something the other two books have. for the rest of the post, i will try and review the book on it's own merit and not as a comparison to the other books in the series, but i did want to add that for those who are interested in the series as a whole.
we're back deep in the love triangle- Edward (vampire), Jacob (werewolf), Bella (clumsy, cute girl). Bella is finishing her senior year in anticipation of becoming a vampire sometime soon after graduation. suspicous activity in her room and a huge murder spree in Seattle raise some serious vampire eyebrows. someone (or some group of someones) is interested in coming to pay the Cullen family and Bella a visit. and it's not going to be very pleasant.

i was glad to see some good action sequences by the end of the book and trying to tie up some loose ends that were still out there from the series. Meyer does a solid job of portraying emotions in an authentic and palpable way, and not just with the main character. a prime example is my favorite part of the book was a scene where Jacob and Edward (both madly in love with Bella) are talking about their love for her, while she's quasi-asleep. the dialogue is just so thoughtful and heartfelt. Meyer's created a varied cast of characters you care about and want to follow up with that you like, don't like, maybe even some you'll hate. Meyer has created characters that are forced to explore some of the more difficult decisions we have to face in life with tact and awkwardly honest intentions.

fave part: the Jacob & Edward chat in the cave over Bella's head about their love for her - comparing, contrasting, and appreciative.

fix er up: there was hardly any depth of character development, and some characters (Rosalie, Edward's sister) were left out almost completely. also, it's becoming increasingly evident that Bella is a shell of a character...i'm craving some uniqueness in her that sets her apart as an independent creature.

title: Eclipse (Twilight Saga, Book 3)
author: Stephanie Meyer
genre: Vampire, Romance, Mystery

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