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Review: Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

in a sentence or so: Audrey breaks up with her boyfriend Evan. Evan writes a song about it that just happens to be the fastest rising song on the billboard charts ever. Audrey's famous, her ex-boyfriend is a rock star...what going on here?!

after working with her best friend Victoria on a pros-and-cons list, Audrey decides it's time to dump Evan, who just happens to be the lead singer of his little band, the do-gooders. as she's walking down the stairs after the breakup, Evan calls after her "Audrey, wait!" and then a new hit song is born. he shoots into stardom, which seems natural. but so does she, which is not quite what she anticipated...

first - I LOVED Audrey's voice. love love loved it. she's a music-obsessed girl whose best friend is equally awesome and music loving and loud and fun. the exchanges between Audrey and Victoria reminded me a bit of me and my bestie in high school, which goes to show that the relationship feels real and relatable. she had a hilarious sense of humor (deadpan all over the place), a quirky yet healthy relationship with her parents, and just happens to work at a place called the 'scooper dooper'. seriously, how cool is that?

essentially this walks us through Audrey's life after the song hits it big and how her life changes - but so much happens along the way. take for example her developing feelings co-worker, James, and how Victoria knew months before Audrey did that she might even maybe possibly have a crush on him - how do best friends do that? i got the feeling from time to time that this was a very personal voice for the author (which i later confirmed after checking out her website), and that allowed the personalities of Audrey and of Victoria to really shine and become like real characters as i was reading. the language and dialogue is free flowing and fun (never feeling awkward or forced) and current.

if you're looking for a fun, witty, deadpan-humor-riden, teenage saga with a touch of drama, this is for you!

fave quote: "Oh Jesus, they had heard the song. They had heard the song and listened to the lyrics and then got totally paranoid and hacked into my email account and figured out that Evan and I had slept together, and now I was going to have to sit through some intervention where my parents talked about sperm and condoms and responsibility and teenage pregnancy statistics. And then they'd probably ship me off to one of those wilderness camps where they give you a name like Little Running Bear and make you scavenge for food to build up your self esteem until you swear to be abstinent for the rest of your natural life.
I'll tell you this right now: me and nature? Not so much." (41)

fix er up: i did feel like it got a little long in the middle, but the good news was that i never grew tired of hearing Audrey's voice and her interactions with James and Victoria, so i just plugged along waiting for the plot to speed back up.

title: Audrey, Wait!
author: Robin Benway
genre: Chick Lit, Friendship, Humor

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  1. I gave it away cuz I couldn' get into it

  2. it was a lot of fluff, but i found it to be fun fluff! that being said, i can see that it is not a book for everyone.

  3. This wasn't my fave, but I did like it.


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