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Review: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

in a sentence or two: the curse on the Miller family, the mill house, and pretty much the whole town of Shearing never held much weight with Charlotte. and then she inherits the mill from her father after his death and is forced to see just how real that curse is...

for as long as she can remember, Charlotte Miller has been hearing about the Miller family curse. after some money woes surface at the mill, she is forced to solicit help from a mysterious little man who calls himself Jack Spinner. it just so happens that Mr. Spinner can spin gold and only wants a little trinket of a ring in exchange. while he temporarily relieves their financial hardship, he leaves a flood of bad luck in his wake. Charlotte and her handy sister Rosie know there has to be away to get out from under all this bad luck business and are determined to find a way to save both the mill and their family.

Bunce cleverly re-tells the Rumpelstiltskin story by using the miller's daughter as the narrator. Charlotte is a way to explore the depths and unanswered questions from the original fairy tale and, quite frankly, is done pretty darn well. the theme of curse vs. luck is examined through the different characters, who are each complex and multidimensional - even the minor ones. Bunce balances the fantasy element with the authenticity of Charlottes impossible situation to show her path of self-discovery and deep love of family. the writing style was so intricate and thoughtful, which really complimented the peaceful plot pace and helped to walk the line between fantasy and reality.

bursting with mystery, plot twists, and magical elements, this 1700s-era tale is something that can definitely be enjoyed by a broad audience of young adults and adults alike. after all, who doesn't like a fairy tale?

fave quote:
"But I sensed a fragility in that barrier, and I vowed then that I would let nothing disturb it. Whatever else happened, this was sacred. I think that was the moment when I truly drew Randall close in to me, alongside Rosie and Shearing and Stirwaters. These things were mine, and I would let no harm come to them." (198)

fix er up: for whatever reason, i really got bored with it halfway through. looking back, i think it was a case of the right book at the wrong time for me. i really really really liked this one!

title: A Curse Dark as Gold
author: Elizabeth C. Bunce
genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Problem Novel

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  1. strange. i did not expect this to be so glowing given how apathetic you seemed regarding it somewhere in the middle.

  2. i believe that is addressed in my fix-er-up section.


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