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Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

in a sentence or so: Coraline discovers a very mysterious room that leads to a very mysterious place that so closely resembles her home that she is almost fooled into staying there forever. almost...

Coraline loves to explore. she is quite good at exploring too. she loves to explore in the flat where she lives with her mom and dad, chat with her neighbors (the former actresses) and she's unsure about the man upstairs who claims to have a mouse circus in the making. busy parents and long days leave Coraline feeling bored, and that is when she discovers a door that leads to her other mother - who isn't quite what she seems...

i was inspired to read this book due to the movie that just came out, and due to the recognition that Gaiman has been getting for The Graveyard Book. i wasn't sure what to expect or what the story would be like. for those of you who are like me - i'll tell you. expect creepy, crawly, creative, spooky, thoughtful, and courage. the story is honestly scary at times - mostly because Gaiman crafts such a vivid mental image of the other world and things that happen are downright freakish.

something i adore about fantasy/fiction for young adolescents/upper elementary is the simple acceptance of the unknown. little time is spent rationalizing what happens, much time is spent with the "what to do now". Coraline's perception of the events balanced the outrageous with thoughtful problem-solving. she is determined and sweet, making her someone that the reader roots for immediately.

this book was a fun, scary, and spooky adventure. there is some serious depth to what happens to Coraline and the people she meets. Coraline's character, combined with the powerful imagery, made this book such a good and worthwhile read for me.

fave quote: "'She wants something to love, I think' said the cat. 'Something that isn't her. She might want something to eat as well. It's hard to tell with creatures like that.'" (78)

fix er up: there are a couple nit-picks that i wish were different, but they are a bit spoilerish so i won't post them. mostly how the story wraps up...there were some things i considered to be loose ends that i wish had been tied up.

title: Coraline
author: Neil Gaiman
genre: Drama, Horror, Fiction

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  1. the movie was FANTASTIC! The 3-d made it even cooler, if that's possible...

  2. oh excellent! thanks for letting me know. i always worry about movie adaptations of things (Eragon is a prime example of why i worry).

    and just thinking about some of the spooky stuff in 3-D is creepin' me out! i can't wait...

  3. do you have this? or did you check it out from the library?

  4. i do have this. i bought it at b&n for like, $6. totally worth it!

  5. so, i take it that it's worth it to read before seeing the movie. maybe my friend and i will read it after we finish graceling--i'm picking that up from the library today and am really looking forward to it based on what you had to say in your review :)

  6. liz,
    in regards to reading coraline before the movie, i say yes. it's a quick (and great) read.
    in regards to graceling, i say EEEEEEEEEEEE! you will love it! keep me posted...

  7. can i borrow coraline?


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