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Review: Envy (The Luxe Series #3) by Anna Godbersen

be warned: since this is the third in a series (The Luxe and Rumors precede this one), there are spoilers for the first two books. i will ardently avoid any spoilers for Envy.

in a sentence or so: all the drama, lies, bitchiness and (true to title) envy are back in true socialite style in this third installment of The Luxe series.

Envy picks up right where Rumors left off. and i mean that in the most literal way. it had been awhile since i read Rumors, and so it took awhile for me to feel back in the groove as a reader. but it all came back relatively quickly and before i knew it, i was immersed once again in the plush 1900-manhattan socialite life and drama.

Envy's predominant theme is widespread disappointment among all characters. there are ulterior motives for just about everyone in Manhattan, and almost no one is what they seem. the bulk of the plot centers around a Floridian retreat, and around the four main ladies: Elizabeth Holland (whose secret husband is gone), Diana Holland (hopelessly in love with Henry Schoonmaker), Penelope (hbic and wife to Henry) and Carolina (former maid of Elizabeth and Diana and rags-to-riches story). each chapter continues the style of rotating through these women and their individual story lines, which of course, overlap one another quite frequently. the effect, while fun and kept things interesting, came off a bit more like a soap opera than the previous books.

per usual, Godbersen lavishly accounts the dress, style, decor, hair, and all the other details of the guys and gals. not only does it help provide a solid mental image of the time and people, but it also showcases Godbersen's writing and ability to create detail in the readers mind.

all characters are guilty of repeated foils, misguided intentions, selfishness, and of course, envy. i feel like i know what the end result will be (the next book, Splendor, is the final chapter in the series) for most of the characters, but i am still having a blast finding out how we're gonna get there.

fave quote: "She tried to make her eyes widen in a cordial manner, though she still had trouble appearing to like people she did not, which Barnard had admonished as an unfortunate characteristic in both a lady of society and a peddler of secrets" (9 - referring to Diana H)

fix er up: this was an okay book as a stand alone read. it was clearly bridging the gap to the final book, so i have higher expectations for that one. Envy was still worth it for the drama and the absorbing historical-posh-writing style that Godbersen employs.

title: Envy (Luxe Series # 3)
author: Anna
genre: Chick Lit, Historical Fiction

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