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Review: Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely Series, #1) by Melissa Marr

in a sentence or so: Ash can see faeries. which happens to be quite uncomfortable and frightening, but she's  dealing with it. that is until she is singled out, against her will, to become the eternal queen of one of the faerie courts.

Ash, short for Aislinn, has the gift of Sight - which means she can peep all the faeries that live in our world as invisible entities who screw with humans. and these faeries do some downright cruel and creepy stuff.  needless to say, she's not exactly excited about this "gift". but her Grams has it, her mom had it, and now she has it.  she's managed to carve out a semi-normal existence and when she's not attending the local catholic high school, she's spending time with her crush-worthy friend Seth, who happens to live in a renovated train-car which is made of iron and is therefore totally faerie proof. or so she thinks anyway.

a pair of fey begin to follow Ash, and eventually speak to her and let her in on the news that she has been chosen to become the next Summer Queen. there are two faerie courts who are locked in a type of cold war, and Ash could be the one to change it all.  ya know, if she just gives up her mortality and becomes a faerie that she's watched mistreat humans her entire life.

i had heard quite a bit about this book and had pretty high expectations.  overall, i was not disappointed.  particularly, i really liked Ash's character and her female counterpart of the Winter Girl Donia.  Ash was strong, determined, but was also realistically scared, thoughtful, and rational. Ash was rooted and inspiring enough to feel real without being hokey and holier than thou. the author struck a perfect balance in her character.  Donia compliments the shout-out to female empowerment, albeit in a different manner.

the vivid descriptions (choking on icicles, for instance) and the creativity in the fey descriptions and mythology created a world i was genuinely interested in, and i'm not that into the whole faerie scene.  also, the alternating narrators - without being directly stated - flowed and added depth to the story. and the plot was pretty twisty and turny too.

overall, this was definitely a solid stand alone read, although i'm interested to explore other characters and plots of the world Marr has created.

fave quote: "'Right, sounds like an easy job. Wake the earth, rule the unruly, repair the broken stuff, and party.'" (Ash 294)

fix er up: things were wrapped up in such a neat little bow that, while i am curious to the rest of the series, i'm not pounding down the door to get Ink Exchange. i would have liked a bit more ambiguity to entice me further.

title: Wicked Lovely
author: Melissa Marr
genre: Fantasy

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