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Review: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

in a sentence or so: Remy has strict rules when it comes to relationships. her trusty timeline tells her when
to speed up, when to slow down, and when to call it off. and then comes along gangly, loose-ends Dexter who threatens to unravel her break-up scientific equation.

Remy is used to being the adult in her household. her mother, who is currently working on marriage number five, has the artist free-spirit as a romance novelist.  and i don't mean marriage number five in a slutty way, but as in the first four didn't work out so she moved on kind of way.

Remy is also the moderator for her 3 best friends. without her to run interference and keep emotions and intentions in check, they would pretty much dissolve into non-stop arguments.

so while Remy is waiting to chat with husband #5, Don, about the wedding plans the summer before she leaves for college across the country, along comes Dexter. not Remy's type at all - he's a musician, he's gangly, and a bit awkward.  but, as time would show, totally funny and a constant optimist.  seemingly unable to avoid Dexter (who does come on a bit strong, but not creepy strong - more persistent strong), Remy gives in and starts up her tried and true relationship timeline. just as you might expect, the timeline isn't quite fitting with Dexter. or maybe Dexter isn't quite fitting the strict timeline that has kept Remy's life in balance...which is really crappy timing, considering she is leaving for Stanford in a matter of weeks.

This Lullaby reads like a collection of musings on relationships and love.  all of the characters have different points of view, and we get to have a peek at them through their conversations and the turn of events in the plot.  the read felt very romantic comedy in that way - in that Remy and Dexter were supported by a broad (yet developed) cast of friends and family who were always willing to share their insights into love.

i can understand why there are some Sarah Dessen hard core fans out there.  the lady knows how to weave words in a powerful and poetic way.  i also enjoyed Remy's evolution from snooty superiority complex to a confused-yet-determined character.  there were certainly some 'gasp' moments, some you knew were coming, yet the struggle of Remy to figure out if her views on love were right, wrong, totally misguided, or otherwise was what propelled this story forward.

fave quote: "'But they did end, all of them.' I said. 'They failed.' 'Maybe some people would say so.' She folded her hands in her lap and thought for a second. 'But I think, personally, that it would be worse to have been alone all that time. Sure, maybe I would have protected my heart from some things, but would that have been better? To hold myself apart because I was too scared that something might not be forever?'" (Remy and her mom - 265)

fix er up: this was longer than i would think necessary, and felt a little lost in the middle of the plot.  it comes back around and closes up nicely though. not too quaint, but nice.

title: This Lullaby
author: Sarah Dessen
genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Friendship

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  1. Ooh, this sounds excellent! I've seen the cover of this book everywhere but have never actually picked it up. Next time, I will for sure!

    from Une Parole

  2. Yay Sarah Dessen, she was my fave author in like 6-7th grade!! i remember this being a fun read!


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