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Review: The Boyfriend List (Ruby Oliver Quartet) by E. Lockhart

in a sentence or so: Lia's got a bad case of panic attacks. it could be because her friends aren't talking to her. or because she inadvertently gained a reputation as a slut.  or it could be because her boyfriend (who she was totally in love with) dumped her for her best friend...

Lia starts going to see a therapist, after her first panic attack in front of her parents (actually, her third panic attack total).  she'd been trying to keep her life together as best as she could. but really, her life has been a lot to handle lately.  Lia and Kim were best friends for years, and then all of the sudden, that's gone. her friendship with her other friends - gone. her social status - gone. not just unpopular, but a total leper. that's thanks to Lia's therapist, who suggested she make a boyfriend list, to try to get at the root of her panic attacks. although, it was Lia's fault to throw away the list (which weren't all boyfriends, by the way) that had her name on it where anyone could grab it and make a zillion xerox copies of it.

we get an analysis of Lia's actions through therapy, which allows us to see her grow.  each chapter is a title of a different 'boyfriend', and so we get some back story along with some current plot development at the same time. the multiple timelines work seamlessly, as if you're having a conversation with a friend.  the footnotes were a fun break from the narrative and supports the familiarity between Lia and the reader.  you feel like you really know her, and what she's about.

i appreciated the lack of a fairy tale ending, however abrupt.  this was light, easy to relate to, and had some fun (and good) advice about friends, relationships, and life. a fun and light read i'd recommend to girls, for sure.

fave quote: "It's all a lie. When you hate someone you used to love, and you think he's done something awful--he probably has. You're not going to love him again. He's not going to apologize, or come back to you. He probably doesn't ever think about you at all, because he's too busy thinking about someone else. Face it. There's not going to be a happy ending...at least not with this hero." (50 | 174 Nook edition)

fix er up: the ending came all of the sudden for me - partially because i'm using an e-reader (and couldn't really tell when the end of the book was) and partially because the resolution was not what i expected at all and left me wanting more closure.

title: The boyfriend list
author: E. Lockhart
genre: Chick Lit, Drama

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  1. I just read a review for this two days ago, and I love the girly cover (not this one, but the one with the girl and the glasses). This one sounds like it's going to provoke angry tears to come out. I HATE when MCs get betrayed by friends and the like. Still, I want to see if she'll get The Happy Ending after all.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)


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