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Review: Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb

in a sentence or so: Mia's mom was diagnosed with cancer and died two weeks later. now Mia, her sister
Alex, and their dad are bumbling through their lives, trying to cure their heartbreak.

Mia and her mom were close. they had all of their favorite things in common - shopping, makeup, talking about anything and everything - and they spent much of their time together.  so when her mom's whirlwind of an illness suddenly removes her from the picture, Mia is lost. her sister Alex isn't much help. she's a tomboy in the most extreme sense and is off for college in a few months...which just leaves Mia and her unkempt, socially awkward dad.

this is a story about moving on, without letting go. Mia discovers more about her mother through stories her father shares and ones that she reflects upon in her past. she realizes that while her mother is gone, there are pieces of her that she never knew. that new discoveries about the person she loves so dearly are still possible.

Mia's observations about people and her grieving process are quirky. always starting shallow (physical descriptions) and then on to other traits - endearing or otherwise.  Mia is sarcastic, flawed, bumbling, wounded, hopeful, and devoted.

i read a titch of the notes at the end, and discovered this is a quasi-memoir. which makes a lot of sense - since some of the details felt unnecessary (they were a non-practicing Jewish family, set in the late 1980s, etc).  and some of the frustrations i had - the grief felt insincere, the random appearance of a best friend, the shifts in personality - are consistent with my experience with memoirs.  there was a lack of patient development or exploration into these different areas, partially because with a memoir - it's so personal that it's hard to remember the audience isn't moving at the same pace as the author who lived it.

this is a story about readjusting your life after loss, coming to terms with who people really are, and...boys. i mean, Mia is 15 and all, so boys are still kind of a big priority. there's some funny encounters that are worth the read.  just don't expect to really get cures for heartbreak...just explore Mia's life post-mother.

fave quote: "If grief had a permanence, then didn't also love?" (150 | 159 Nook version)

fix er up: i was surprised at the balance of grief with very ordinary life. i would have appreciated more exploration into Mia's grief. her character felt a bit 2 dimensional.

title: Cures for Heartbreak
author: Margo Rabb
genre: Death, Coming of Age

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