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bloody jack challenge

i've had this series on my "i need to read this sometime in the non-defined future" forevah. so when i saw a promising tweet from Kristen over at Bookworming in the 21st Century, i took it as a sign from the universe (again - having just had a sign from the universe for Twin Peaks etc).

so i'm jumping in the Bloody Jack challenge with both feet. i'm challenging myself to read the whole dang series. unless of course i don't like it...but pessimism aside, i'm giving it a go! you should too! reading is fun!

the challenge details are here.

the details about the Bloody Jack series are here (and at the contest host site, which is pretty fabs).

okay seriously, i have GOT to stop with the challenges now. sometimes i think i get more out of organizing tasks than completing tasks. (nerd alert)

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  1. You will love them! If you don't you'll be forced to walk the plank m'dear! :-D So glad you got excited about this challenge - I think your enthusiasm pushed aside any doubts that this challenge was a good idea! :)

  2. who am i kidding? of COURSE i will adore pirate themed books with a kick-ass female protagonist.

    i won't let you down, contest host! :B


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