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the log lady

okay for those who have seen Twin Peaks, you might already know this...but the log lady MIGHT be the best part of the entire show.

for those of you who aren't familiar with her, she is an optional feature.  she does a cryptic preamble to compliment each episode. why anyone would be foolish enough to opt out of the log lady is beyond me. seriously, get a peep of this broad.

i. am. in. LOVE.

on to episode 4!

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  1. got busy and haven't been out here in ages. glad to see the log lady love. apparently they were recorded for the show when it was broadcasting the reruns on bravo on the mid 90s. i never would've guessed that it would add something great to the show, but it sure did.

  2. the only thing more awesome than the log lady intros MIGHT be her actual role in the show.

    "my log won't judge you"

    welcome back, friend.


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