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Review: Lost in the River of Grass by Ginny Rorby

in a sentence or so: Sarah skips a group outing during a school field trip to go boating with local hottie, Andy. due to some poor planning, they end up stranded out in the middle of the everglades, struggling to survive.

Sarah's a bit of an outcast at school.  she got in to the prestigious (snob-a-licious) school thanks to her swimming scholarship, and the fact that her mom is a lunch lady isn't scoring her any social points with her fellow classmates either.

determined to fit in (or please her teacher), Sarah signs up for a weekend trip to the everglades. immediately regretting having to spend a weekend with four uber-snob girls, a dozen disinterested boys, and insane amounts of dangerous animals, Sarah is relieved to peep a cute boy just outside of their campground. he offers to take her out on an airboat ride, which she obviously accepts and ditches the group.

while Andy is a cute country bumpkin, thorough he is not. he forgot to put an air-cap back on the boat before they left the dock, and the boat sinks while Andy and Sarah are having an adorable little picnic. they are miles away from the campground and no one knows where they are...or that they're even together. Sarah and Andy must find their way back to civilization with almost no food, one bottle of gatorade, a baby duck (orphaned by Sarah's crazy air-boat driving), and each other.

i'm not huge on survival fiction, but i was craving something different from the typical stuff flooding the YA market at the moment.  so when i saw this on netgalley, i was pretty stoked. the details the author provides create a vivid picture of their survival, their surroundings, and the underlying beauty of such a dangerous place.

i was frustrated that i didn't feel like i knew Sarah or Andy at all before we head into the wild. a little more character development would have been appreciated for sure. i like to anticipate what a character will do - and then use that as a measure for growth or consistency. with Sarah, i wasn't sure what to expect...so that fell flat for me.

this was realistic without being over-dramatic. the reader does get to know Sarah through her ordeal in her flashes of guilt for ditching her teacher, frustration with Andy, frustration with herself, and determination to keep Teapot (the baby duck) alive through it all.

for a quick read, this was pretty good. not fabs, but enjoyable for sure.

fave quote: "The guilt and regret I suddenly feel are crushing. It had been a tiny little lie, just because I wanted a couple of hours of fun and maybe make a friend. Now look at  us. Up to our asses in alligators. Isn't that the expression?" (170|266 Nook) i wish Sarah were always this sassy...but alas, this is a rare glimpse of her sassyness, but provided some depth i was craving.

fix er up: there were elements i felt the author took on that were better left untouched. such as - the reveal of Sarah being black (idek what that was about...), Andy's father being a confederate, the gawky-not-so-much-but-still-kinda love story between them. at it's core, this was a solid read with extraneous elements i thought could be shed...or needed to be further developed.

title: Lost in the River of Grass
author: Ginny Rorby
genre: Realistic, Survival

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