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more batman: the animated series, please

it's hard for me to sum up in succinct terms how awesome i believe Batman: The Animated Series truly is. and not just from a nerdy standpoint, but from a legit standpoint of enjoying and recommending quality and thoughtful media programming. thankfully, the people at The Onion are much better at summing things up. in a recent review of the episode "Be A Clown", Oliver Sava had this to say:

"If Batman is a child’s response to loving parents made absent through violent force, the Joker is a child’s response to hated parents made absent by their own choice."

oh the mythos in that show.  can't get enough. 

peep the full article over at The Onion right here.  while you're at it, subscribe to their review feed of the series. oh yeah, and WATCH the series. you're welcome.

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  1. i'm glad oliver sava took over for leonard pierce. never liked that guy much.


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