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netgalley ftw

okay, so a few months ago i tried to get in on the netgalley action with my nook, but could NOT figure out how to transfer the .epub from my computer to my nook. i KNOW that's horribly noob of me, but it's the truth.

then i started to get an itch to read some not-yet-released YA and i knew netgalley was my best shot. so i tried again, with moderate success...except that i still couldn't get the books to my stupid nook. thank GOD for Reclusive Bibliophile who helped me put on my big girl pants and got them transferred over. turns out, it was just as easy as it seemed, i'm just a bidoof.

thanks to netgalley and my nook (and badass publishers), i'll be reading Savannah Grey, Lost in the River of Grass, and The Atomic Weight of Secrets or the Arrival of the Mysterious Men in Black


Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.

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