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yet another obsession...sigh

my friend Eriks watched Twin Peaks about a year ago, and has insisted that the hubs and i would love it.

sometimes, the forces of the universe align in such a way that ignoring something that's meant to be is impossible. in this case, the force of the universe was Amazon's Gold Box Deal and the Meant To Be was Twin Peaks. who are we to resist the lure of the Amazon beast?

so thanks to a ridiculously cheap deal, the hubs and i have started watching Twin Peaks. i've only watched the pilot and know next to nothing about what to expect or where it's going...but it's probably the best thing ever. it's creepy, quirky, over-acted, dramatic, and genuinely mysteriously fascinating. as a Law and Order junkie, i am all about a good crime solving show with overly dramatic music and crazy situations.

also, this picture is in the closing credits of each episode.

you know that's creepy as hell. it's the girl who died (that's not a spoiler, it's the opening scene. fyi) and that picture is in my NIGHTMARES from one stinkin' episode.

murder mystery + teenagers + quirky FBI agent + quirky EVERYONE IN TOWN + shady dealings = mega win (especially considering this was a sight unseen purchase).

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  1. but you know a recommendation from eriks is as good as gold. TAKE IT TO THE BANK!

    (note - except for goofy movies and weird music)


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