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geeking out hard

i was (quite loudly) squealing and jumping for joy when i found this waiting for me at my doorstep today.

Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur
Author: Tony Lee
Illustrator: Sam Hart
Publisher: Candlewick Press

Arthur Pendragon was raised in obscurity, but fate will not leave him to the shadows. In a moment of desperate need, he draws a legendary sword from its stonebed and commences the life he was born to lead. A series of adventures sparked by the elusive wizard Merlin launches Arthur through love and betrayal, domination and defeat, and toward the prophesied end awaiting him. Merging a faithful retelling with dynamic illustrations, EXCALIBUR invites long-time fans to relive the legend and those new to the story to experience it up close in a vivid graphic adventure.

i LOVE Arthurian legend. so so so so much.

in related news, i really should read Le Morte d'Arthur. do i sense another reading challenge coming on? (spoiler alert: YES).

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