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mind is blown

so the hubs and i are up in The Cities this week so he can do some continuing education stuff...which means i've had some free time to bump around the places i used to love before moving down to the less populated area of the state.

this morning, i spent some much needed quality time in the local B&N. let me just tell you that going at 9 am is the PERFECT time to hit up the barnes. seriously, there were like 5 people there and they were all over 60 and only interested in reading the paper for free. meaning you have pretty much the entire store to yourself in silence...bliss. until 10 am, however, when moms and their toddlers show up for play dates (ugh).

ANYWAY i discovered something amazing today. well, a re-discovery really, because i knew this but had kinda forgotten it as we are nowhere near a B&N in our new hometown. you can read e-books for FREE for an HOUR on your nook! for real! it was the best! i didn't have to buy it...it was like i took it off the shelf and was just chillin' with it in the B&N cafe for an hour...

i love you, Barnes and Noble, and i'm sorry i don't live closer to you so i can mooch off of you more. because i totally would.

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  1. I agree that bookstores are the most peaceful places ever, until the rugrats show up.


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