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wants vs. needs

okay, so i know y'all are sick to death of this whole ebook vs. print media debate. but wait! there's someone with a fresh opinion and idea that you just might be interested in hearing.

Robert Niles, over at OJR: The Online Journalism Review, has this to offer:

"Last week's announcement that Borders would close 200 stores across the country  might have seemed to some the inevitable next step in the publishing industry's conversion from printed to digital media. As more and more Americans choose to order books online, or to switch to e-books, they don't need to patronize physical bookstores any longer.

But any sales person ought to know that need and want are two different things.  

I can find a much larger selection of books by firing up my Web browser than heading over to my local Borders, which is among those scheduled to close. I don't need that Borders in order to find and buy the books which interest me.

But, as an enthusiastic reader, I want to have an excuse to get out of the house once in a while and spend some time alone with fresh books and magazines.  My middle-school, book-worm daughter wants a place to hang out with her friends after school. No, we don't need a physical place to buy books any longer, but we want "that alternative".

i must say, i agree. while i adore my nook and the ease of online browsing, there is something i equally adore about being in a physical bookstore. something about being surrounded by books and looking at their physical covers and turning physical pages while with friends or drinking coffee or whatever totally warms my soul. and while i think the library can fulfill most of those needs, there is something about being in a bookstore that's just...different. different in a good and irreplaceable way.

full article by Robert Niles, including his proposal on finding the middle ground, can be found here.

shout out to Shelf Awareness for featuring him first.

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  1. I love my Kindle, and I love browsing the web. But now I live in a city that has no real bookstore and where the library selection is extremely limited (the last seven books I searched for were not in the system at all), I really, really miss being near several big bookstores and a really awesome library system!

  2. I do admit, the library system in these parts is pretty killer - so that makes getting some variety and qt with the physical pages pretty easy. something about bookstores though...so dreamy.

    sorry to hear about your last seven searches going bust! looks like your Kindle is gonna start working overtime... :)


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