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5 thoughts on the 2/3

in case you didn't see the first post, you might want to check out  my thoughts on the first third of A Game of Thrones. you can peep it here.

in short, A Game of Thrones is a massive read and i broke up the review into thirds. this portion is a bit smaller than previous because now i have hella spoilers to avoid.

so anyway, here's my five thoughts on the 2/3:

1. SO many young adult characters. truly, there are lots of young adults. while they are in a world ruled by adults, they are certainly players in the game. and they are young adults who ACT like young adults. who knew George R.R. was skilled at writing from the adolescent perspective? now you do.

2. Dothraki culture is the coolest. okay, so there are some weirdnesses with "mating" that are a bit...different...but i love how they are so much more than they appear. Dany, the daughter of the king who was killed before A Game of Thrones begins, marries the head of the Dothraki. while it's easy to view the Dothraki as savage horse lords, the author makes it clear there's more to them that meets the eye.  while they are nomadic horse people, they are also greater in numbers than most of the rest of the seven kingdoms realize and while their methods may seem archaic, there is a structure and nobility within their culture that the others should totally fear.

3. there are two mysteries i'm pretty sure i've cracked. the first is 'who killed Jon Arryn' (if you're interested in my theory, hit me up! otherwise, i'll omit it for spoilery purposes) the second is what his final message "the seed is strong" means. (edit: i was TOTALLY right about the seed is strong quote. i'm awesome.)  Jon Arryn was the hand of the king, which essentially meant he did all the king's dirty work and then he "died suspiciously" after "making a discovery". but telling you he was murdered isn't a spoiler because they make it pretty obvious with the hinting but then outright say it like 20 pages later.

4. i DETEST Sansa. yeah, i know she's 13 but whatever. she is awful. i mean, take her sister Arya. sure she's sassy and doesn't play by the rules, but she doesn't hate on others because they choose to play by the rules. she just accepts that people want different things out of life and broods about her own fate. fine - that makes sense. but Sansa, NO. she's all hatin' on Arya and hatin' on anyone who could potentially compromise her betrothal to Joffrey because, you know, she's seen him twice and is in love etc. SANSA IS THE WORST. (i am very passionate about my anti-Sansa statnce).

5. i love that there are just some downright nutty characters. not just quirky, but straight up cray-cray. it makes for some serious wild cards in the bunch.

there you have it. watch for my final thoughts on A Game of Thrones later this week!

and if you're interested, the HBO series is doing a really fabs job thus far with their adaptation of the book. just so you know.

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[ftc notice: i totally own a copy of this book so the review is for my own fun. okay, so it's my husband's copy but whatever we OWN it so we're good to go for the non-biased review.]

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