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7 thoughts on the first 1/3

i'm about a third of the way through the first book in the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin. having been brought into the fold for this epic fantasy series by my husband, Andrew, i am in the process of reading and reviewing.


this is a HUGE read. so huge, in fact, that one comprehensive review will be too much. so, here we go with a third at a time.

seven thoughts on the first third of A Game of Thrones:

1. my love is tied between Arya and Jon Snow. Arya, the daughter of Eddard Stark is a sassy tomboy trying to make her way. her heart is pure and her intentions are good...although she does have that sassy streak. Jon is the bastard of Eddard Stark (and therefore the half-bro to Arya). Jon certainly has a chip on his shoulder (as to be expected really), but remains true to his character and his ideals regardless of what others think of him. plus, they are both young adult characters in a world dominated by adults...so that's pretty great.

2. my fave adult, at this point, is Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is an ugly little dwarf/midget/etc with two different colored eyes and some seriously unappealing physical features. that being said, he's got a Jon Snow thing going on where he blows off what others might think of him and uses it to his advantage.  he is a rival to the House of Stark (beings he's a Lannister and all), but there is certainly a lot more going on beneath that gnarled surface than we know. he's not disloyal to his family, but he doesn't exactly buy in to all of their 'traits' either.

3. i've already had my heart broken. Bran, the 7 year old son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and bad things happened. it sucked. i cried. in related news, Bran is an insightful little man with a fresh perspective.

4. Winter is Coming. the motto of the house of Stark and a sweet phrase in general. also, timely because in this world the seasons last for years and this long summer is about to end. so, quite literally, winter is coming. but of course we can take that phrase on multiple levels etc.

5. there's a lot going on here with multiple narrators at various places on the map, but it's not at all difficult to follow. each chapter alternates perspective and there is a unique tone, but it's still told in third person so you get a bit more detail on the goings on around the character.

6. i love where this is going. there are multiple mysteries and microcosms and larger pictures and so much happening that i'm totally falling in love with this read. it's not overwhelming. just awesome.

7. i hate Catelyn Stark. there, i said it. Andrew is insisting i give her a chance, but after i peeped elsewhere (in a spoiler free fashion) that Catelyn is a polarizing character. and i just do not like her treatment of Jon. okay he IS a bastard and reminder of Eddard's infidelity but she doesn't have to be the biggest jerk ever towards him. and also, she's making assumptions and doing all sorts of stupid stuff because she THINKS she has the right idea. ugh.

so there are my thoughts on the first 300 pages or so of the book. oh that's right. 1/3 = 300 pages. but still, i'm loving it. a lot, actually.

[ftc notice: i totally own a copy of this book so the review is for my own fun. okay, so it's my husband's copy but whatever we OWN it so we're good to go for the non-biased review.]

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