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add it to the list [9]

inspired by Kristi's meme In My Mailbox, at The Story Siren, here are some books i've added to my ever growing pile of books to read this week.

for your nerdish delight, Tor.com

The Killing Way by Tony Hays
Forge Publishing

The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays
Forge Publishing

The Beloved Dead by Tony Hays
Forge Publishing

special thanks to Tor Books and Forge Publishing for sharing these fabulous books with me!

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  1. Making a request for you to add Megan McCafferty's Sloppy Firsts series to the list. Some of the best romantic YA lit out there

  2. DONE. seriously, one of my fellow blogger friends just finished the series and i'm so jealous of her emotional connection with the series.

    add her sharing of love about the series with your direct request, and how on EARTH can i refuse? (i can't)

  3. I haven't heard of these! I'll be checking them out! cute puppy!


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