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forget visiting, i wanna LIVE there.

this is part of the fun meme ,TGIF, hosted by Ginger at GReads! (which is a pretty great blog, if i do say so myself). each friday she hosts a question that the literary lovers in the world can ponder. this week, the lovely Ginger asks:

Fictional Places: If you could visit any fictional setting in a book, where would you go?

again, we have ourselves a tie.

most awesome place ever #1: HOGWARTS. obviously. i am so intrigued by the moving staircases and the great hall that's an all you can eat buffet every night made by house elves, visiting Hagrid's hut, the owlry, Dumbledore's office, the astronomy tower...oh man. how cool would that be? seriously. the good news is, Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a reality now. the bad news is, the hubs and i would need some serious cash money to get there. one day!

most awesome place ever #2: NARNIA. obviously. but only after the white queen is gone and the Pevensies are ruling the land. okay so mostly i'd want to hang out in the royal court and become besties with Edmund.

i'm all about the fantasy adventure lands, it would seem.

if you want to share your ideal fictional vacation, head on over to GReads! and link it up!

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  1. Hogwarts and Narnia are on the top of my list, and maybe the Inkheart world too. Loving the new background BTW!

  2. it's so hard to choose between such awesomely magical places! and thank you. :)

  3. I didn't think of Narnia! That would be so fun as well as going to Hogwarts


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