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guess who redid her bookshelves, y'all

ME (obv)

before, it was a standard blonde Billy bookcase from IKEA. and after some lucky shamrock paint and some kickin' vintage fabric, i have this beautiful creation.

the bad news is, only like 1/12th of my books get to go on it. i KNOW, but it's in our living room and our dvds live in our living room. some select books get to hang out for display purposes (lookin' at you Harry Potter series), but most of the collection is in the den. don't worry, i think that bookshelf is going to have a makeover soon too.

super easy, and i am loving the splash of color this brought to the apartment! being crafty is kinda fun.

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  1. A thing of beauty if I say so myself love the color!!!

  2. I love it! Being crafty is so much fun! :) Where did you get that awesome fabric??

  3. Great job! Really cute. :)

  4. A & V - thank you!
    K - you are part of my inspiration, dear! and the fabric is from the local wal-mart. >:)


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