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stand alone vs. series

this is part of the fun meme ,TGIF, hosted by Ginger at GReads! (which is a pretty great blog, if i do say so myself). each friday she hosts a question that the literary lovers in the world can ponder. this week, the lovely Ginger asks:

Stand Alone vs. Series: What's your Stance?

i KNOW you guys, Ginger really brought the ruckus this week. this is a tough one. 

if you recall, i have a serious series problem. i'm not against series by any means, but i am against reading a book that is part of a series...and not really liking it. this is personal preference of course, but part of me is tempted to continue reading JUST for closure. 

okay i really just can't wrap my brain about this any other way. i need to make a pro and con list. yes, i am that girl.

+ furthers character development 
+ expanded plot timeline provides more time with your favorite characters
+ potential for growth in characters, world, plot, writing style
- cliffhangers
- reading the first book and wanting to know what happens...but not liking it enough to continue and relying on Wikipedia instead. thanks, internet!

stand alone
+ closure. sweet, sweet closure
+ tight and thoughtful writing
- if a book is really good, i typically want just a little bit more after the ending.  or a lot more. 
- sometimes the minor characters get the shaft and we don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like.

well boys and girls, judging from my pros and cons lists, it looks like i prefer series. i honestly would not have claimed that as my stance, but the pros and cons speak for themselves. 

to see what others have to say, or to share your own stance, pop on over to GReads! 

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  1. I just saw this post, too!

    I love that you made lists. :)All very good points!

    My favorite part of a series is the fact that character attachment usually deepens as the series goes on. I love that.

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. I like them both!

    Some books you read and think, "Oh man they should have stopped at one". While others you read and think, "Oh thank goodness there is more to come."

    Great question.


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