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100 books every teen should read

to be honest, i'm always about peeping book lists, but this quote grabbed my attention and made my heart sing.

"Students should also keep in mind that classics are classics for a reason: they are good books about the nature of the human condition. They reveal something magical about the workings of the world. They are invaluable to the person attempting to become an academic." - Alvina Lopez

YES. so much yes.

on a related and hugely embarrassing note, i haven't heard of like HALF of those books and only read a handful. ugh. color me shamed. but also color me determined to change that and read some of those bad boys. i've even bookmarked the article for future reference, which is kind of a big deal because i'm not huge on bookmarking webpages. so there.

holla at Quirk Books for the heads up to this article.

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