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add it to the list [11]

inspired by Kristi's meme In My Mailbox, at The Story Siren, here are some books i've added to my ever growing pile of books to read this week.

okay, this video is a beast. i apologize for the length of this one. but if you watch all the way to the end i do get a little fangirly and loopy and ridiculous. i don't know if that's motivation or not...but there it is.

drops May 24 from Scholastic Publishing
received review copy from Amazon Vine

drops May 12 from Putnam Juvenile 
received review copy from author

drops June 1 from Sourcefirst Fire
received review copy from author

available now from Little, Brown
received review copy from publisher

received finished copy from publisher

available now from Abrams
received review copy from publisher

available now from Amulet (imprint of Abrams)
received review copy from publisher

received review copy from publisher

received review copy from publisher 

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. Awesome! I haven't heard of a lot of these books. I'm going to look them up right now. I'm now following your blog :)

  2. You've added some good sounding books to your list Lisa! Hope you have a great time reading all those books and that you love them all too!!

    PS: I have to get my hands on a copy of Horton Halfpott!! You've sold me!!! I love the alternative titles!!! (It's only available in HB, so I can't afford it right now, but it's already on my list of books I want to read!!)
    PPS: Sorry about the overuse of exclamation marks up there!

  3. Jess and Maia - Thanks!
    Phanee - you never need to apologize for using exclamation points with me! :) and yes, how friggin awesome is Horton Halfpot's title? i can't wait!

  4. I love how excited you are for some of these books. :)

    I really, really want to read a book by Libba. Beauty Queens sounds awesome.

    The Sisters Grimm looks great!

    Horton Halfpott sounds awesome! I'll have to take a look at it next time I go to the bookstore.

    Jennifer of Little Shelf


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