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more merlin plz

i always want more Merlin. thank you, Warner Bros, for realizing that.

apparently there is a Merlin origins-type movie/series of movies coming in the not too far away future. yeah, how's that for specific?

anyway i'm still jazzed because:
"Anyway, if other producers do plan to jump in and create the by-now-standard four to five variations on the same idea, they should get moving: Basu has already taken the “contemporary setting” angle, and now Warner Bros. is running with the “origin story,” hiring former journalist turned script reader for Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo to adapt The Lost Years Of Merlin, the T.A. Barron fantasy series that (somewhat like the current BBC series) explores the wizard’s life from his early days as a wandering orphan to his tenure as the chief magic man of Camelot." - Sean O'Neal

SERIOUSLY. i'm super excited. here's to hoping Archimedes is as kick-ass as possible. 

full article from the AV Club here.
and in case you don't know the awesome that is the current BBC series, you can learn more here.

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