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Review: Divergent (in thank you note form) by Veronica Roth

in a sentence or so: there are five options for her future, and it's time for Beatrice to choose. the problem is she doesn't fit into the preassigned categories as well as she should, and that draws some seriously unwanted attention...and danger.

Chicago is now divided into five factions, and at age 16 the residents decide to become an initiate within one of those factions. Beatrice makes a surprising choice, and even more surprising, she thrives in her decision to leave her selflessness faction behind and embraces the aggressive and protective sector. all is not as it seems, both within this new faction and within herself. she may have changed her name to Tris, but she cannot change who she is - a Divergent. one who doesn't fit into the categories defined by her society and is therefore a threat the powers that be feel is just might be worth eliminating.

there is SO MUCH PRAISE for this book, as well there should be. Divergent is the start to a new trilogy that i will anxiously await and pre-order and marathon read though because it is just that jam-packed with awesome.

as i was reading, i kept thinking to myself (or telling my husband, who soon grew -__- with my constant chatter about this book) "thank you, Veronica, for including this" or "thank you, Veronica, for creating this". so i started a list. and here it is. (in my head, it sounds like Jimmy Fallon's thank you notes...fyi.)

Thank you, Veronica, for including a love interest in background characters. You remembered that all of the characters in a narrative have a life and a story to share, and you did just that. The budding romance between Christina and Will was hinted at along the way and helped to establish the authenticity of the experience.

Thank you, Veronica, for giving huge nods to Ender's Game. The whole living and training in dorms thing, the whole being-used-by-the-adults-slash-government thing, and the whole the weakest is really the strongest theme within this story created depth and intensity. It was all the things I adored about Ender's Game, but with a female lead and a world I could easily slip into.

Thank you, Veronica, for reminding us that reinventing our identity involves discovering who we really are at our core and that we can't and don't want to leave all of who we are behind. Ever.

Thank you, Veronica, for including failed attempts at romance. Because as we all know, not all relationships work the way we want them to and not all of our crushes develop into anything and sometimes we have to make awkward decisions that make everyone uncomfortable.

Thank you, Veronica, for creating a microcosm of Chicago within Tris. The struggle for leadership between the factions is mirrored within Tris in her struggle to identify which faction she feels she truly belongs to. She struggles with feelings of Abenegation and Dauntless (selflessness and protection) while the world around her struggles with rumors and lies and a sense of direction.

Thank you, Veronica, for a story that sucks you in and captivates you with every chapter. Never overwhelming or rushed, but intense and cautiously urgent. The pace of the book, as well as the genuine characters and incredibly well developed world, make this book impossible to put down.

Thank you, Veronica, for centering your story around a girl with complex feelings and thoughts. A girl with new relationships and discovering a new way of life all while trying to prove her worth and survive.

Thank you, Veronica, for inventing a world that reminds us that diversity is what balances our society and balances one's self. We can compartmentalize to a fault, and we need variety and different strengths to compliment one another to keep our world, and selves, healthy.

Your fan,

fave quote: "That is all I need: to remember who I am. And I am someone who does not let inconsequential things like boys and near death experiences stop her." (346)

fix er up: have you read this review at all? you think i have any critique of this book? (NO).

title: Divergent (Divergent #1)
author: Veronica Roth
genre: Dystopian
publisher: HarperCollins
drop date: May 3, 2011
buy the book: Amazon

[ftc notice: i received an advance reader's edition of this book through the Amazon Vine program. i provide this review without any compensation.]

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  1. A book similar to Ender's Game, but with a female protagonist? Yes please! I need to get my hands on this one!

  2. So, I'm a little late to the Divergent party (ok, like three years late). I finished it a few weeks ago. It didn't resonate with me as much as Hunger Games, but it was definitely a page-turner.

    I was amused by the concept of the factionless and how they were doomed to do "the work no one else wants to do". You know, atrocious stuff like cleaning up other people's messes (No!), building things (the horror!), sewing things, or, worst of all, driving a bus. Oh the humanity!


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