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Review: Sparrow Road by Sheila O'Connor

in a sentence or so: Raine and her mother move to Sparrow Road, a summer home for artists. while there, Raine discovers some mysteries that need solving at the aged mansion, as well as some surprising mysteries within her own life.

Raine loves her family. her Grandpa Mac and her Mama are all she's known and it's all she needs to know. when people ask her about her father, she simply says he's not there. because simply, he's not there.

the summer Raine turns 13, her Mama drops a serious bomb on her - they are spending the summer at Sparrow Road. this means Raine won't get to see her Grandpa Mac all summer. she won't get to spend time in the city all sumer. she won't get to talk during the day or bother the artists as they work or ride her bike into town. thanks for the great summer, Mama!

what Raine doesn't know is that there are mysteries waiting for her at Sparrow Road. once an orphanage, Sparrow Road has many quirks and secrets and stories for her to discover. on top of the mysterious past, the current artists in residence are eccentric and have secrets of their own. being a girl prone to asking question after question after question, Raine is the perfect sleuth for the mysteries of Sparrow Road. but the big question that she just cannot find the answer to is, why did Mama bring her to Sparrow Road in the first place?

this started off super mysterious and a bit spooky. i wasn't sure where this was heading - just like Raine wasn't sure where her summer was heading. i was equally at a loss to explain what she was doing at Sparrow Road and could easily identify with her frustration.

a patiently written story, Sparrow Road is about forgiveness, the hard truths of life, broken relationships, and restoring relationships by meeting someone where they are. each of the characters bring another little element to the story, like spices to a well seasoned entrĂ©e. while written from Raine's perspective, this felt more like a retrospective narrative in the themes and ultimate resolution.

fave quote: "You're all on the same team. Diego's words sounded strong and definite and happy. Just the way I wanted things to be." (pg 196)

fix er up: some of the transitions were a little clunky for me. all the sudden we'd be in a different place with a different person without the chapter changing...but not so drastically different that you couldn't catch up or figure it out.

title: Sparrow Road
author: Sheila O'Connor
genre: Contemporary, Family
publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
drops: May 12, 2011
buy this book: Amazon

[ftc notice: i received an advance review copy of this book from the author for a non-biased review. i was not compensated in any way for this review.]

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  1. I haven't heard of this yet! I'm going to have to check it out more! Great review!


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