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West Wing Wednesday BEGINS

a new obsession has begun. it's a little show called The West Wing. given that this is supposed to be a cleverly written and well acted show, i think this falls under a nerd umbrella. or at least under my nerd umbrella. briefly described by imdb as: Inside the lives of staffers in the west wing of the White House.

an irl friend of mine, Laura of A Little Mole, is also watching WW for the first time. we will take turns hosting the reviews, geeking out over it and sharing that geekery with you. hopefully you'll find some thoughtful reviews, but most likely you'll find our rants and ramblings. your odds of finding thoughtful content lie with Laura, tbh.

so what this means for you, should you be interested, is that a new feature on this blog will be West Wing Wednesdays with Lisa & Laura. also known as WWWWL&L. or W4L2. or W4LL. ugh idk it's a lot of text but you get the idea. if you think a sweet way to abbreviate that, i'd be appreciative. and if you made a button or logo i'd be even MORE appreciative. just saying.

if you've watched WW before, please don't spoil anything for us! if you haven't watched it before, watch them with us so we can discuss!

Episode 1: Pilot

what goes down
- Potus has a bicycle accident. (potus = president of the united states). i love abbrevs, ergo, i love potus. he has a mild sprained ankle from hitting a tree. what a great opening.
- Robe Lowe wakes up next to a pothead who may or may not have switched their beepers. she turns out to be a call girl/hooker/prosty but yet he appears to be attracted to her anyway because you know they had ONE NIGHT together. -__- apparently his name is Sam, which is adorable. i shall continue to refer to him as Rob Lowe. 
- Josh Lyman sasses a talk show host. he's at risk of losing his job, but if he shows up to a meeting and plays nice he might get to keep it. turns out talk show host is kind of a giant B. and perhaps anti-semitic. she doesn't get far with her demands, mostly because she's crazy.
- there are some Cubans lurking off the Atlantic coast. not many peeps are concerned, but Rob Lowe seems to be concerned about them. some of them are seeking asylum. later, Potus references them in his Heavy Closing Thoughts.
- we meet a ton of characters. all of whom i'm guessing have varying levels of importance.
- fangirls approach Lyman in a cafe for his autograph. seriously? some random dude that works at the White House? yes. okay then.
- business suit woman (edit: her name is Mandy) who talks in the WORST way possible is dating Lloyd Russell. for some reason, that's getting under Lyman's skin. i hope not to see much of business suit woman with the weird mouth.
- Rob Lowe gives a tour to 4th graders that makes you cringe with it's awkwardness. it's awesome. 
- HOLY MOLY the president makes one hell of an entrance. he is prone to anecdotes. i adore anecdotes. this is going to be a beautiful relationship.
- oh no...the music with the Heavy Message and Closing Thoughts...

what this means
- it's the first episode, so you'll forgive me if i don't have huge insights or guesses at this point. 
- the president is quirky, obviously intelligent, and incredibly approachable. i am in LOVE.

stray musings
- i just love Rob Lowe. i first fell in love with him from Tommy Boy, and in love again on Parks & Rec. i'm pumped to see more of him in this role. his glasses are adorable. 
- originally drawn to the series through different recommendations, i'm particularly interested after having seen The Social Network and experiencing Aaron Sorkin's writing, i'm looking forward to the writing and quick dialog. 
- Gaddafi is mentioned! wacky.
- i am totally reminded of ER with the continuous cut-free scenes. i love early ER. as soon as George Clooney left, it went meh. but up to that point = such quality.
- okay the soundtrack is too much. i can buy the rest of the show being dated because it was current at the time so obviously it's dated now...but the soundtrack SCREAMS 90s.
- oh man, escort service? GROSS. and awesome.

for Episode 2, check Laura's post next Wednesday at her blog, A Little Mole. actually, do yourself a favor and just subscribe to her feed. you'll be glad you did.

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. I love WW. Love it. Quite possibly, it's my favoritest show ever. I think Aaron Sorkin is a genius.

  2. holla! i hope you read along with our recaps and reviews!


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