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West Wing Wednesdays: A Proportional Response

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Season 1 Episode 3: A Proportional Response

what went down
- Sam's prosty friendship has been found out. surprise to no one really, but disappointing in general. both in the framework of the show AND in the framework of making this show believable.
- the President wants to strike back at the Syrians after shooting down that medical plane with his newest personal doctor on it and he refers to their own actions as candy-ass. He actually said candy-ass. it was great.
- CJ and Rob Lowe have a HUGE blow up about the prosty sitch. They both say some pretty inflammatory things and attack each other personally. intense! they kind of patch it up later so it's smoothed out a bit.
- the potus meets with the national security team to decide how to retaliate. he asks "what is the virtue of a proportional response". he then challenges them to a "total disaster response". he's very heated and aggressive, much to the shock of Leo.
- Charlie Young (aka Dule Hill) joins the crew. he thought he was applying to be a messenger but he's being interviewed to be the personal aide to the president. oh my GOSH WITH THE PUPPY EYES i can't. of course i can. his name is Charlie, you guys, and his mom was a police officer who died 5 months ago in the line of duty and now he's at home taking care of his sister instead of going to college. (swoon)
- the potus bums a cigarette and bumbles his way through his very first military action as commander in chief. i admit, the tension is wound pretty tight. will he go all out, or will he go safe and smart? he goes safe and smart but he isn't happy about it.
- Josh is worried about hiring a black kiddo (Charlie) as potus's personal aide. he raises some good points...i'm sure that will come back in the future.
- so Danny the white house reporter is the skeeviest person alive. also, he knows of the prosty. surprise to no one.
- i HATE Mandy. when CJ is lurking in Josh's office it's cute...but when Mandy does it it's creepy and awful and bitchy. i cannot stand to listen to her talk. 'oh look i got you a present - i drew on this picture of us, isn't this super?' -___-
- Charlie helped the potus with his glasses and he then yelled that he didn't have time to meet new people and then Charlie made puppy eyes. it was very sad. the potus then launches into an anecdote.

what it means
- i am not ready for the Mandy/Josh reunion at all. i mean, they have the same hair. how weird is that?
- CJ stands up for Sam even though she doesn't approve of his actions, but there were rumors of a tail getting placed on Sam. this will come back to bite them all in the ass, methinks.
- the potus seems to be very aggressive in his military tactics. mostly it's because he's internalized the loss of his personal doctor, which makes me think that he will absorb personal experiences and translate those to public policies. or at least it's something he will have to grapple with before he makes his public policies in the future. it also makes me think that the president has a big ol' soft heart.

what i thought
- the opening sequence is a lot to handle. the montage and the music and the american flag...it's a lot. but i do predict that it will bring tears to my eyes at the finale.
- i like tv episodes where it's raining.
- Josh's snarkiness is awesome. always making comments under his breath. love it.
- i continue to love Rob Lowe.
- CJ is using a Gateway laptop. it's awesome.
- i really like that there are people walking around ALL the time. all those extras help sustain the hectic atmosphere.
- i think there's a romance brewing between CJ and Toby.
- you guys, I CAN'T with the freeze frame at the end. and it's MANDY. ughhhhhh.

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