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book blogger convo highlights

coming from someone who was not at BEA (and was totally jealous of those who were), and therefore was not at the Book Blogger Convention, hearing from those who were was definitely appreciated and super insightful.

per usual, Shelf Awareness takes that helpfulness to a new level by providing an article that sums up the event and provides insight, encouragement, and pointers for book bloggers.

"In a later session, Shelf Awareness editor Bethanne Patrick (aka the Book Maven) discussed the need for standards as blogs become an increasingly prominent outlet for book coverage. "If we want to be seen as an important force in the publishing world," she emphasized, "it's important that we be professional in everything we do." - Ron Hogan

for the full article, check here.

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  1. Very interesting! I mean, I was there and all. But I like reading the re-caps.


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