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how do you decide what to read next?

lately i've been having a super hard time deciding what to read next. i alternate between having a pile of books to read - usually only five at a time or so - to having a totally blank slate. i have a rough idea of when my review books need to be done, but not nearly as organized or well thought out of a list as i could have...

so i'm curious. how do you decide what to read next?

after about a week or so, i'll write a follow up post for this poll to chat about the results and maybe even set some goals for myself.

suggestions/pointers/encouragement/insight/random blatherings are welcome, per usual.

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  1. I usually read based on what needs to be reviewed when, unfortunately. I would much rather just read whatever strikes my mood.

  2. I just read what I feel like. It makes me happy. :)

    If I have a review book, I try to read it in the time frame that it needs to be, but only when I actually feel like it, otherwise I end up not liking it. I don't get books for review all that much though.

    Great topic! Looking forward to the results. :)

  3. Just recently I've made a list of books that I need to read during a certain month. Sometimes I change it around; I'm pretty willy nilly with the list, I make changes to it constantly, but it does help a bit with remembering what I need to read to review!

  4. I could never make a list like some people do. I think that is super-organized, but I'm not that organized. So I always have to have a BUNCH of books on hand...and when I'm done with one, I just have to browse the stacks and see what jumps out at me that day. What I might pick next right this minute is most likely different than what I would've picked first thing this morning or later this afternoon, etc.

    I am wishy-washy in my book moods, and it shows with how I flip-flop genres. Occasionally, if a review date is thrown in there, I have to make a plan for that particular book, but usually it is a total toss-up for what is next with me. Excellent question! I have always felt disorganized in the way I choose what is next, but it is very comfortable and familiar to me at the same time. :)

  5. As I hear about books that interest me, I pull the ARCS off my shelf and into a pile. I try to stack them in priority order, but sometimes skip the line for an impulse read.

  6. april - you do what i SHOULD do.
    jennifer - i honestly need to be more selective with my review books so i can read what i want WHEN i want and not have the nagging feeling i'm leaving other books out...you're so wise.
    jac - your idea sounds pretty fabs. i may have to take that on...
    asheley - i wish i had your confidence in my process like you do with yours!
    rachel - i always be skipping books due to impulse and then speedreading review books. :/

    you ladies are so smart. i luff it.

  7. I make a list of what books I would like to read during a given month and from there I usually choose based on mood, or commitment (whether it a read along or ARC). Sometimes though, by end of given month, I did not read one book on the list because I went with mood all the way.

    I suppose, for your above poll, I do both - list and mood.

  8. I'm apparently a weird person because I use a list...or rather, a stack, which is essentially my list. :)


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