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Review: Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

in a sentence or so: Abby's sister Tess was in a car accident that's left Tess in a coma and left Abby wondering who she is beyond the little sister living in her perfect older sister's shadow.

Abby visits her sister every day. and every day, things stay the same. Tess doesn't move. Abby doesn't know what to feel doesn't know what to do. Abby's parents don't know what to feel and don't know what to do.

after Eli, the boy from the gift shop, walks by and says something in passing, Abby swears she sees Tess's eyes move. she knows what she has to do to wake her sister up and get things back to the way they were before. there are several snags with this plan, however. Abby has always been in her sister's shadow...does she want to go back to that? Does she want to be the not-as-pretty or not-as-talented sister? does Abby really want Eli to fall for Tess?

allow me to open with the fact that i've never read a book by Elizabeth Scott. obviously, i've heard of her, but i just haven't picked up one of her books. not for any particular reason - it just hasn't happened.

allow me to now share with you that i'm kicking myself about that. i was floored. i was completely and utterly invested emotionally with this story. i literally finished this book like, 4 minutes ago and i had to hammer out my review right now because that's how excited and amazed i am.

to put it into words that might actually be helpful (beyond my blathering and omgitssoawesome chatter), Abby is a broken character. she doesn't give herself enough credit and she doesn't see things the same way everyone else does...but she also sees things that others miss. she knows she's not her sister and that everyone loves Tess, but she takes that to mean she's not worthy of adoration or affection or love. the worst part is, she accepts these as fact.

i know.

what's worse is, this happens. in real life. we are down on ourselves and tell ourselves we don't deserve something because that's just who we are. it takes someone like Clement, the adorable old man at the hospital, or someone like Claire, Tess's former best friend, or someone like Eli, the smexy boy from the gift shop, to invest in us and show us that we DO matter. that we ARE worthy of love.

this book is about so much. it's about loss. it's about hope. it's about how friggin complicated all of our relationships can be. it's about finding out who we are. but mostly it's about knowing that we matter and that we are someone worth being cared about. this is a message we all need to hear, and thank goodness for Elizabeth Scott for framing that message in a book with a totally swoonworthy boy, mysterious circumstances and a twisty-turny plot that sucked me in, heart and soul.

fave quote: "I'm not saying I want to run around hugging everyone or skipping through fields of flowers, but the hard knot of anger - the one that's lived and breathed across and around my heart - has loosened." (180 | 262 Nook)

fix er up: i've been using this one a lot lately, but i'm not in love with this cover. and by not in love with it i mean i don't like it at all...but seriously the writing and the experience more than makes up for that biz.

title: Between Here and Forever
author: Elizabeth Scott
genre: Contemporary, Family, Grief
publishing info: June 2011, Simon Pulse Publishing

[ftc notice: i received this advance review digital copy from the Simon & Schuster eGalley program. i received no compensation for this review.]

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  1. This book sounds awesome! I really would never have picked it up, but after hearing about it from you over and over, I'm definitely going to.

    It's so awesome when you have to get on and talk all about a book once you finish it!

    I love how real you are. I feel like you were just chatting with me about that book. :)

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. it was awesome. i was seriously impressed.

    thanks, Jennifer! <3

  3. I loved this one too! I loved the whole second to last paragraph of your review! And that quote!


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