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Review: Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

in a sentence or so: in the summer his best friend abandons him to go hang with his sick grandma leaving poor Felton all alone, Felton gets taller, bigger, and faster. he grows so much, in fact, it seems he's outgrown his quirky and increasingly bizarre family.

Felton's always been different. it could be because he walked in the garage after his dad died by suicide. it could be because his mom is kind of a hippie and taught him how to meditate to keep him calm after the incident and made him even more of a social outcast. it could be because he has a geeky little pianist prodigy of a brother. whatever the case, Felton has always been an outsider and he could care less.

then his growth spurt hits him like a knee shattering linebacker and Felton has no idea what to do. his mom has totally gone off the deep end and won't leave her room, won't buy any food, and barely registers Felton and his brother Andrew exist. meanwhile, Felton attracts the attention of the football team as a potential prospect, and therefore the cool kids. after having to pick up his absent best friend's paper route, he also attracts the attention of the  beautiful and more talented pianist that moved into his best friend's old house for the summer. Felton keeps himself sane by acknowledging he has to keep moving, keep running, keep biking, keep lifting weights and just keep going until he's about to break from all the pressure of his dirty house, the sad and scary person his brother's become, and most of all, he's about to break from the disgust his mom shoots his way.

i wasn't sure where this book was taking me, and that only helped me connect with Felton that much deeper.  this poor kid had no idea where his life was taking him, and neither do we. alternating between current reflective chapters with the flashback style narrative made this feel more personal than it already did. you form  a relationship with Felton and his family.

even though Felton is surrounded by a distinctive supporting cast, from his brother to his very first girlfriend to the jock who just might be his friend, this is truly a story of Felton coming to know the truth about himself and his family, and having to wade through a lot of heartache, confusion, and pain to get there.

Felton's life is so full of drama it almost makes you cringe to read it. but you do because you want things to be okay and you want Felton to come through on the other side a better person and a whole person because of it all. you can't help but root for this guy and his story is one you will want to hear.

fave quote: "Then we kissed for about 25 years, I think." (184)

fix er up: i don't love the cover. it is the advance review copy so it might change...but our boy Felton has a jew fro and his number is 34. this kid has straight hair and 00. come on, cover designer!

title: Stupid Fast
author: Geoff Herbach
publishing info: June 2011 from Sourcebooks Fire
genre: Contemporary, Humor, Family, Problem Novel

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[ftc notice: i received a copy of this advance review copy from a friend of the author. i did not receive any compensation for this review.]

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  1. Comment the First: I totally love your blog name! TEAM NERD, FTW4EVER! :P

    Comment the Second: I haven't heard of this book, but the title is intriguing - and the story sounds like something I would totally enjoy! Not a lot of books with male protagonists, and you make Felton sound awesome! Plus I am on a YA Contemporary kick! :)

    Your fave quote is also well-picked btw - I love it!

  2. thanks so much! i really loved this book a whole lot. more than i was expecting, for sure.

    this book was PACKED with awesome quotes, so i chose the one that made me laugh out loud and swoon at the same time. :)

  3. wow, great review! the book is incredible, so happy you found it!


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