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Review: Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates (Tomorrow Girls #1) by Eva Gray

in a sentence or so: since the war started, things have been very different for everyone. for Louisa and Maddie, they're shipped off to a secluded boarding school that teaches them about responsibility, writing without computers, and survival.

Louisa and Maddie are best friends under the guise of being fraternal twins. in order to ensure they end up at the same school, Maddie's ID bracelet is tampered with and both girls end up at Country Manor School. as if getting up at 5:30 every day isn't bad enough, the girls have absolutely no idea why they're secluded so far from home or why they're learning about archery and not geometry. the fact that they're stuck with the conspiracy theorist Evelyn and the queen bee Rosie as roommates certainly adds some unnecessary drama.

the girls have no idea what to expect when they get to CMS, but nothing could have prepared them for where they'd end up. Louisa bonds with Rosie over athletics and gets invited to the cool kids table. Maddie connects with Evelyn and gets caught up in trying to reveal the truth of why they're removed from society and what conspiracies lie beneath. Louisa and Maddie are slowly drifting apart, but time will prove there are some ties that are too strong to be broken...even by the teachers and staff of CMS.

the four roommates each bring something unique to the story. Evelyn is the conspiracy theorist who knows something is up and will not be left out of the information loop. she's super supportive and although she can be overwhelming, she's got only the best intentions. Rosie is the queen bee of the athletic beauties, but she's definitely got her poop in a group. she's resourceful, knows how to delegate responsibility, and takes their survival seriously.  Maddie is the brooding woe-is-me girl who i'm sure has a purpose...but as of right now she's coming off like the leech of the group and contributes next to nothing of value. and finally our narrator Louisa, who is loving life at CMS and trying to find where she fits in while balancing the moody pretend-sister. she is the one i identify with most easily due to her being the most average and balanced personality of the four.

as the opening to a series, this book lays some groundwork for different personalities and the institution of which they are fighting against. i'm interested in seeing where these girls go and how they get there.

fave quote: "'Whether you accept the challenges that lie ahead or not, they will assuredly fall to you,' Mrs. Brewster says seriously. It's almost like she's been reading my mind. It actually scares me a little." (62)

fix er up: the social commentary on consumerism, though often fitting to provide context for their situation and the not too distant future, can be a bit heavy at times.

title: Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates (Tomorrow Girls #1)
author: Eva Gray
publishing info: May 2011, Scholastic
genre: Dystopian

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