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West Wing Wednesday: The Crackpots and These Women

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Season 1 Episode 5: The Crackpots and These Women

what went down:
- potus is playing some late night basketball. Toby talks smack that no one believes, as he is a balding white man.  potus brings in a ringer to help him win what appears to be a totally friendly game of basketball. Toby makes comments about potus demon's.
- CJ wants Josh to read an article on smallpox. she tells him it is the disease, not the dessert topping.
- Leo wants to have public forms. the staff are making snarky remarks that i am unhappy about because Leo is the best. 
- Josh gets a card telling him what to do and where to go in the event of a nuclear disaster. he is freaked. sweetly, he inquires about his staff. it turns out, they will all die or become zombies or whatever happens for those not vip enough to survive. this makes Josh sad.
- the staff preps for a press conference. potus is strong willed and sassy. it's great. 
- Josh remains melancholy. presumably about the whole nuclear disaster card. 
- dude from Scrubs asks Sam (formerly known as Rob Lowe) to have the White House pay more attention to UFOs. something is heading east. methinks it's not actually UFOs, and Sam is going to get the business when they find out he was 'warned'. this is part of the Leo public forum stuff.
- potus is at a budget meeting where he wows them with his freakish memory. turns out he was bluffing, but we are all impressed anyway.
- Zoe, the potus's daughter is in town. potus plans to make chili. no one is excited about his chili. 
- there's a big ole conversation about media making crappy movies with lots of violence and sex. Toby takes transitions this to the guns issue. Toby remains anxious and indignant. 
- Sam did not get a card. the music is sad and Josh is sad and he blunder his way out of the room. it's supremely awkward.
- RON FRICKIN SWANSON IS TALKING ABOUT WOLVES. you guys. i died. this is part of the Leo public forum stuff, i think. anyway, they talk about a wolf named Pluie and getting wolves only roadway. CJ puts Ron Swanson and the Pluie fan club in their place talking about the woes of farmers. she does not approve their 900 million dollar proposal for the wolves only roadway.
- Mandy stirs the pot by saying David Rosan passed on Toby's job. idk who David Rosan is but apparently he puts Toby's panties in a wad. 
- Josh goes to see his therapist about smallpox and hearing Ave Maria in his head. his sister Joanie died in a fire while babysitting for him. the fire started from a popcorn maker. Josh survived because he ran out of the house as a little boy. this explains his reluctance to flee and let others perish.
- Josh tells CJ about the card. CJ is nonplussed. and you know why? because she's hbic and awesome.
- Josh spins out about smallpox. 
- Toby asks potus about David Rosan. potus admits David was the first choice for the job. he then admits that he values Toby greatly blah blah blah blah blah blah. potus reassures Toby and i'm irritated because Toby is a GROWN MAN. wishing he had some grown man cahones to match.
- Zoe (aka Peg from Mad Men) and Charlie work on the chili. 
- potus, Leo, and Josh talk about how wonderful the women in the room are. obviously, Josh continues to brood about his card. he then hands his card over and gives a speech about being with his friends and family in time of crisis. 
- everyone eats chili. potus says inspiring things that wrap up the episode nicely. this also includes that CJ was inspired by the wolf people and Sam was interested in the UFO. 

what it means:
- i really hope the Josh stuff extends beyond this episode, otherwise it's a total wash for us to learn about his issues.
- CJ is able to hear Josh out, appreciate his concern, and help transition him back to reality. she doesn't scoff and she doesn't freak out. she is incredible. 
- romance is brewing between Zoe and Charlie. i approve.
- the first lady is in Pakistan, and potus claims to not know why. i predict that there are issues coming between potus and first lady. either that, or they didn't have one cast and are trying to explain her away.
- i have a nagging feeling this is a stand alone episode and i am not pleased. 
- i was wrong about the UFOs. it was an old Russian satellite. 
- Leo's idea was good. suck it, all those who made snarky remarks in the room earlier. 

what i thought:
- i'm pretty sure that potus smelled the ringers armpit while playing basektball. it was weird.
- the music is still pretty nauseating.
- more reason to love Josh - he used the word gomer. love it.
- Josh is rocking a serious George Costanza wallet
- i love Josh's balance of intelligence with sincerity. 
- best line of the episode: potus: "are you drunk?" secretary:"no why are you asking?" potus:"i just like asking."
- the ending speeches are a lot to handle. and by a lot to handle i mean kind of lame and heavy handed. that being said, Martin Sheen ROCKS that biz. 
- closing frame is CJ. i hate it a little less because it's CJ being cute. 

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