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Mondays Bite: Part 1

as part of a sweet little feature, GReads, Secret Life of an Avid Reader, The Reading Housewives and myself are hosting a Twilight Re-Read along. because let's be real - Mondays BITE and you need some guilty pleasure in your life. we're here to help. you're welcome, world.

so last week, Ginger asked five excellent questions as we begin our journey through the Twilight re-read along. if you have no idea what i'm referring to with this whole re-read along thing, check out the original post

1. Have you ever had to start over in a new place, like Bella did in Forks? This new place could be a school, job, or town... just something with a new setting. How easy or difficult was this for you?
oh for sure. i moved to a new place when i was in fourth grade RIGHT before the end of the school year. i didn't want to finish up my year at a new school but my  mom made me. i'm totally glad she did because i made a new friend for the summer and would have otherwise spent the entire 3 months bored out of my SKULL.

2. Do you picture the actors from the movie as the characters in the book while you are reading?
i do picture the actors. i saw previews for Twilight before i read the series, so that's how i've always pictured them. i particularly appreciate Taylor as Jacob and Billy Burke as Charlie Swan. some of the minor characters still don't really fit for me (looking at you Rosalie), but i'm stuck with them now!

3. What are your first thoughts on meeting Edward in Bella’s Biology class? At first he was annoyed by her presence, but then after a week away he returns & finds him self very interested in her. Do you think this helped or hindered the storyline?
when i first read this, it didn't really bother me. upon re-reading, however, i'm annoyed at how fast things progress. although Stephanie Meyer certainly does build the sexual tension early - so i can't hate on that. i love me some sexytimes.

4. Out of the secondary characters Bella meets at school, who is your favorite and why? (I am referring to the humans, not the vampires in this question)
MIKE. always Mike. he's so charming and aloof and such a pretty jock boy that i can't help but find him endearing. i think this is also due in part to the movies and how sweetly he was portrayed, but i adore his unabashed attempts at wooing Bella.

5. There is a lot of dialogue between Edward and Bella in these first few chapters that I feel played a major role in developing their relationship. What are some of your favorite quotes? or moments?
i love how we start to get into their relationship by chapter five. enough with the 'looking from afar' business and down to the nitty gritty of WHO Edward is and what he's all about. i like that a lot. i'd have to say my favorite quote from this section would be when Bella says to Edward "I'm trying to figure out what you are". she's speaking on so many levels - what he is literally (a mythical creature), what he is to her (crush) and what she is to him. 


Chapters 6-10 Questions (for next Monday at The Reading Housewives)

1. because we have to talk about it sometime - are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?  does that impact how you re-read the book?

2. Bella spends a lot of her time by herself in her room when she's not at school. what do you think this says about her as a character? can you relate to her introverted nature?

3. probably my favorite chapter of the entire book, chapter eight brings us dress shopping, nearly getting assaulted, and then wraps up nicely with a quaint dinner and confession time. in this we see the blend of typical teenage existence starting to get tainted by the paranormal world. if given the choice right then, would you push to know more about the paranormal, or bury your head in the sand and live the teenage dream?

4. already, it's pretty clear that Bella is falling for Edward. is this happening too quickly to be plausible, or is it totally reasonable to you? what about Edward do you find to be swoonworthy at this point?

5. Jessica has to forcibly remove all of the details on what's going on from Bella, but through that we learn more about how she's feeling and how she's falling for Edward already. if you were in Jessica's shoes, what would you say to Bella?

    link up your responses right here!

    Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


    1. You and Ginger are making me feel bad for not picking Mike. I was thinking he was too sweet, too eager...I like a little chase. Good point on the fact Edward goes from "I'm going to gag" to the very next time "let me get to know you". Yes I know he had to go eat some animals in between. And Bella gives him a few jabs, but forgives awfully fast. If you get a chance stop by http://wp.me/p1h3Ps-jv

    2. I agree, Billy Burke is probably the best casting job they did for the movie. Team Charlie!! haha Great questions for next week, Lisa :-)

    3. I picked Mike too. I feel so bad for him because he is so sweet and trys so hard to aquire Bella's intrest. Poor Mike.
      I also like that line about Bella trying to figure out what Edward is. I didn't quiet look at it from the way you did though on all those levels very deep :)
      Love the new questions.

    4. O also I loved Billy Burke as Charlie as well. He’s tries so hard to be such a good dad. Love the little comic relief he gives off in the movies.

    5. Totally agree about Rosalie, but also in my head Alice is so much more spirited, even though we haven't seen much of her yet in our re-read along, I remember feeling disappointed when watching Twilight and thinking where is my Alice??

      Also, LOVE your questions for next week =)

    6. When I first read this series, I had a clean slate when it came to picturing the characters. But now that I've seen the movies (about 100 times) I can't help but picture the actors as these characters.

      A lot of readers are fans of Mike. I think he's too clingy to Bella.

      I like Edward in chapter 5 too :)

    7. I love Mike too! I really like the dialogue and interaction in Chapter 5 as well.

      I read the series before the movies came out, so some of the actors don't fit, but Billy Burke is perfect. I also like the girl who played Jessica (I'm being lazy right now and am not going to look up her name. Please don't judge).

    8. I think they did the best casting with Jake and Charlie as well! I love chapter 5! Great questions for next week! I'm loving this re-read :)

    9. Wow, I'm glad that I have a week to think about what Team I'm on; the last time I read this series was before the whole "team" business came about, and I'm a little intimidated by the fact that I'm now obliged to take a stance...

    10. Since you said you saw previews of the movie, did you actually get to read the book before the movie then? Or, did you see the movie before? I'm always curious what made people want to read the book if they saw the movie first because the movie doesn't do the book justice at all.

    11. Jenni - i did read the entire series before the movie (i read it in like a week - NO SHAME). i had heard good things and just hadn't given it my time until i saw the movie was coming. i'm glad i did though, because i agree that the books > the movies.

    12. The casting for Rosalie tears my nerves up. I'm not sure why, but I just think she is all wrong. It may just be her hair and wardrobe??? But I can't get into 'movie Rosalie' at all where the 'book Rosalie' is fine for me. I feel like such a mean person for saying that, but...oh, well. Now, Charlie Swan...I totally agree with everyone. He's perfectly cast. I LOVE him in the movie. To me, he is perfection in the way he shows the awkwardness that Stephanie Meyer writes into the book. Poor guy never knows what to say to Bella, and that comes through perfectly in the movie.

    13. I agree Nikki is no Rosalie, but the rest of the cast is fine except for a small character named Eric. He seems homosexual to me and I'm wondering why they thought he'd be good to play a young guy interested in Bella and then of course hooked up with the other chic. Every time i watch i think he should be in love with Mike or Edward.

    14. I never saw Nikki as Rosalie either, I thought while shes an ok actress her features dont match Rosys descriptions. Another character I couldn't stand was Larent (spelling?) I did like James though and Victoria (in Twilight)


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