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Mondays Bite: Part 3

as part of a fun little meme hosted by some of my favorite blogging ladies and myself, we are rereading Twilight! because you know you didn't get enough the first time around. or the second. or the third...

anyway - you guys had some amazingly hilarious and insightful responses to my questions that were answered at The Reading Housewives last monday. Jasmine and Jacinda posted a new set of great questions that are going to link up today over at Secret Life of an Avid Reader.  after you read what i have to say, you should totally link it up over at their blog!

and if you still haven't signed up for the re-read along, i still give you permission to do so. i mean, we are like halfway through the book and everything, but you can totally catch up. or just hop in. either way, we'd LOVE to chat about Twilight with you!

1. Do you think the name "Twilight" for this book is fitting with the story? Do you think a better name could have been chosen? What about the series and the names as a whole? 
i am always curious as to how authors choose a title for their book. i am so bad at thinking of names for things or events, so i can't imagine spending the better part of your days writing something and then having to come up with a succinct and catchy title. i adore one-word titles, so i think the title "Twilight" is solid, but does it fit the book and the story? i see the connection between twilight (as a time of day) being a transition from light to darkness, and Bella finding out about Edward being a transition from the light of normalcy to the darkness of unknown and supernatural. twilight has an almost magical feel to it too - when the nocturnal creatures start to stir and the world goes a bit more quiet...
as far as the series as a whole, i do like the titles a lot actually. i think you could argue that each title represents the feel of that part of the series very well. (SPOILER WARNING) New Moon is all about wolvies and finding a new life while Edward is away. Eclipse is when he comes back into Bella's life and the love triangle is at it's pique...so you could argue that the Darkness is casting a shadow over the Light. Breaking Dawn is after she has made her decision and a new life is forged between her and Edward. (END SPOILERS)

2. On this re-read, what’s your favorite part of the book? Is it the vampires, setting, plot, characters, Edward, or something else? 
i've been paying closer attention to the minor characters. it's been fun to focus on those elements, since i'm already familiar with what else goes down! and honestly, re-reading it with a group has been a ton of fun too.

3. Edward shows his stalkerish/controlling tendencies during these chapters for the first time (at least Bella is aware), did this bother you the first time you read Twilight? Does it bother you now that you’re re-reading it? Should Bella be more worried about it? 
i was a little freaked out that he was watching her sleep. upon rereading, i am even more bothered by Bella's total nonchalance on this stalkerish behavior AND her excitement that he's been watching her sleep. the fact that he's been there "almost every night" only made her wary as to what he overheard while she was sleeping.
i was also freaked out when Edward decides to bring have Alice bring her truck to school for her. Bella muses that the keys are inside her locked house, in her pants which are buried in the laundry. when the truck is there, despite the breaking and entering that had to take place to get her keys, she is not phased.
AND AGAIN when he knows where the key to get into her house is. i know you just saw him sparkle in the sunlight and he told you that you were his brand of heroin, but a Junior in high school should still have enough sense to know when someone's been canvassing your house.

4. Do you find yourself, during or after reading another paranormal/supernatural book, comparing it to Twilight? If you do, why do you think that is? Is it because it’s popular or because it’s just a book that makes an impact? 
just as much as i compare books to any other books while reading. okay, that was clear as mud so allow me to expand a bit. whenever i read a book about vampires, i compare the myths and habits of vampires from other books to think about how the lore compares. same with werewolf books or time-travel books or whatever. i do love a solid mythos. so while i'm not thrilled about the whole sparkly vampire thing, i do give S. Meyer props for doing something a little different to establish her unique brand of vamp-lore.

see you soon!
5. Bella is introduced to the Cullen Family in chapter 15, who is your favorite Cullen and why?
we haven't met my favorite Cullen yet - EMMETT - but from the ones we do meet, i'd have to say it's a tie between Esme and Jasper. for serious, Jasper's ability is by far the coolest and most helpful in any real life situation. i wish i had the ability to calm a room or to give people confidence simply by feeling it for them.  and as for Esme, i love that she just wants the best for all of her 'children'. she does her best to provide a normal family experience and reprimands Edward for showing off and she's just the cutest. plus, she's married to Carlisle who is like the most compassionate vamp EVER, so that's pretty amazing. 

quotes that concern me:
"Besides, since I'd come to Forks, it really seemed like my life was about him." (251)
- oh Bella, and every other girl who thinks this thought ever in their life, this makes me so sad. NEVER live your life for a boy. never ever EVER. i know that you're in love and that you want to be together forever but you still need to be you. 

"Will you be?' I asked, suddenly anxious. 'Will you really be here?'
'As long as you want me,' he assured me.
'I'll always want you,' I warned him. 'Forever.'"(318)
- alright, Edward gets a gold star for this one because HOLY MOLY even i am feeling smothered by Bella right now. she is coming across as all kinds of desperate in the book. i'm not for playing hard to get or playing mind games or whatever, but good grief girl - keep your cool!

other miscellaneous musings/nerd rage:
sparkle sparkle
- WHY DOES SHE STILL HATE ON MIKE. she even thinks to herself that he is super easy to like and he covers her ass all the time in gym. he even CHOOSES her as a partner to cover for her incredible awkwardness. he's athletic, sweet, funny, and loyal. why the hate? WHY, STEPHANIE? i'd apologize for the nerd rage, but i have nothing to apologize for. i don't get why Bella doesn't like boys she admits are totally likable. not that she has to date big M - but for the love - she could be nice to the kid. 
- Bella starts talking about marriage with Edward. yes, MARRIAGE. i hadn't realized it before, but at this point in the book, Bella is straight outta some cray-cray Lifetime movie. i much prefer the sarcastic and independent Bella. 
- when she sees Edward sparkle for the first time, he is apparently wearing a collared white shirt that is sleeveless and button down. i'll give you a moment to ponder that ridiculousness. i googled this atrocity and this is what i found. only he wore it unbuttoned so obviously he resembled a Greek God and not a total douchebag. -___-

despite my nerdrage, i am enjoying the reread along and i can't wait to see what you guys have to say this week! i'm also excited to see what questions the lovely Yani asks this week!

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.


  1. OHMYGOSH- I think my tummy hurts from reading all that. You are a riot!!! The whole image of that shirt is just terrible!! And I never even thought of the whole him smelling around for that key in her dirty laundry....GROSS.....

  2. I totally ragged the quote on page 251. Bella does some flip flopping in the book. She'll be totally sane having a teenage equivalent of normal and almost mature discourse then says something so weak. I wanted to shake Bella. Stop by if you get a chance.

  3. I heart Emmett <3 and yeah I have been paying attention to the minor characters as well, and the details... I have marked so many pages with notes on this re-read!

  4. wait.. I think I missed the sleeveless button down shirt. WHAT THE EFF?! Oh dear god. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Lisa you are full of awesome. I love reading your thoughts as you make your way through Twilight. HILARIOUS.

    And I totally agree about the clingy, over the top girlfriend behavior oozing from Bella at this point. Though I love me some Edward - but marriage?! MARRIAGE?! Seriously girl. Come on.

  5. You are awesome girl i love your rants. Yea i noticed the marriage remark too. I totally missed that the first time. I mean you just met the guy chill out. Though how do you go about breaking up with a vampire if she wanted to. Anyway i thought she was against the whole marriage thing. Also I feel for Mike too. She is being way to mean to him for no reason. He knows she is with Edward but is still super nice to her even though she broke his heart.
    Love your answers and esp your rants, and what is up with that shirt couldnt he afford sleeves i mean hes super rich.

  6. Okay Lisa, you are the only one who has been able to convince me Edward's actions were a little creepy! :) I do compare vampires, I agree S.Meyer did a good job. Emmett makes me laugh, he adds a lot to the story. Due to what we see in New Moon I get Bella's desperation! They did talk about how sometimes Edward is trying to say goodbye when he is really saying something else! Great answers! *smiles*

  7. "i'll give you a moment to ponder that ridiculousness."

    I **BUSTED** out laughing when I read that line and one of my girls put her book down (Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book Two-->my kids are awesome) and ran over here to see what I was laughing about! That shirt is all kinds of hideous. Oh my.

    I think y'all are hatin! Y'all know you would be talkin' marriage from a hot, sparkly vampire dude that sits in your room night after night watching you breathe and sleep, breaks and enters into your house to get to your laundry pile to rummage into your jeans pockets to get your keys to bring your truck to school for you, and tries desperately and unsuccessfully every minute of every day to read your thoughts...y'all know that is the hotness right there. Total marriage material. Y'all would want marriage too. :)

  8. Ha ha! I will give you that I thought that Edward's shirt sounded ridiculous as well. I was trying to figure out what he was wearing and why he's have it unbuttoned. Seems too contrived and not something Alice would let Edward wear, lol.

  9. OMG I TOTALLY DID THE SAME THING ABOUT THE SHIRT! I re-read that little section a few times thinking I was confused about the way she was describing it...I mean, it was initially under his sweater, right? So maybe the sleeveless thing is his way of wearing a dickey? You know? Maybe? I don't know...O_o

  10. I like one-word titles as well. With the right word, it can make quite an impact.

    I love your comments about Edward being stalkerish! I agree with you entirely. You'd think Bella is old enough to see the red flags but she's drunk in love.

    And I was trying to picture Edward's 'sparkly' shirt as well. Sleeveless and a button down?? I was like 'what?'.

  11. You used the word "canvassing"...love it!

    EMMETT LOVE! :) :) :)

    I'm loving Mondays now because I'm laughing at everyone's answers! I just read someone post about Bella farting in her sleep and you with the shirt!

  12. My favorite part of this re-read may be reading it with other people too! I'm loving reading all the answers...it's making me think of things that I'm still missing on this re-re-re-read experience. Also, love that you like Jasper too! He's not my main fav...but later in the series he's def. a favorite character.


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